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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Virginia Governor, a Typical Democrat in Power

I watched this poor excuse for a politician today.  He held a news conference to now deny he is in this picture.  This picture is HIS page from his college yearbook.  Yesterday he said it was him.  And he apologized.  Just like all the current democrats are doing for their past indiscretions.  They all think that will make the owie better.  Anyway, this hypocrite running Virginia beat a man, Ed Gillespie for the seat.  And this fellow had commercials calling Gillespie a "racist".  So most black women in the state voted for Northham.  Somehow no one did the usual opposition research on Northam to find this crap.  Totally racist and disgusting.  But now, today, he says it is not him in either outfit and someone must have photo shopped his page into the yearbook!

The man is not believeable and his body language said to me LIAR, LIAR pants on fire.  So I tweeted a few times that this fellow should resign.  And even a few national democrats have asked him to step down.  But he says NOPE!  Well I have done some re-thinking and think he should not resign.  If he did, memories of his racist transgressions would fade and people might not remember to NOT vote for a democrat hypocrite.  So I say stay.  Let us use you everyday as the democrat liar and hypocrite we know you are.  And it will rub off on the rest of you that don't denounce him.  So far the people running for democrat president have not spoken up.  Maybe they will since some are black.

All I can say to Ed Gillespie is you are one dumbass politician.  Your race with the idiot that won was close.  And if you had that picture we would be calling you Governor.


  1. Don't forget about Trump & Steve King!!!

    1. They are not racist so why would I have to remember something like that?

  2. My response tyo the self-hating column in today's Union at…/bill-drake-the-advantage-of-being-white/…

    What a load of horse pucky. These self-hating people will find something to blame and if nothing is there they go right to the skin color. My experiences are totally different then the sad sack that wrote this article. America is a melting pot I was told growing up. People are here from every nation on the planet. They are here because of the "idea" of America. All are equal under the law. Our Constitution defends all. And like any country or society, there are those that "make it" and those that don't. Does the author think those "white homeless veterans" on the streets of San Francisco have "white privilege"? When people attack themselves or those that look like them with immutable traits it tells me they are mentally ill. If someone wants to succeed in America they must work hard and try to get along with others. But the "white liberals" of America in the form of their democrat party have decided to "balkanize " the country and start the quest for power using "identity politics". The author of this screed wants those in power, duly elected by fellow citizens, to give over their positions to others. And he means "white males". Well, it is Unamerican to even think like the author here. We can all get ahead and be a success without whining about some form of "power": in the hands of someone else. That is why America is such a great country. A black nerdy kid from Detroit can become a renowned surgeon and a candidate for President of this country. A Russian emigre' can create a Google. A middle Easterner can create an online marketing and sales giant employing millions. And others can create electric cars. So I suggest anyone reading this sorry piece don't give it failed views any credence. America is better than that.


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