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Friday, January 25, 2019

Once Trusted, the FBI is now no better than the East German Stasi

Time to stop the circus.  America is under a cloud as our once very trusted FBI has become a rogue organization of government power.  All these millions of dollars spent by the Special Counsel of Mueller have brought nothing to the fore.  Only a bunch of Russians and of course they won't be coming here anytime soon.  Americans indicted would never have been so if they were not Trump acquaintances.  The "witch hunt" is real and many lives are disrupted and bankrupted with this phony baloney investigation.

I suggest the investigation be stopped and all the people involved sent home.  Nothing to see here.  But what Mueller is doing has been done in numerous movies over the years.  Can't find the principal being investigated guilty of anything?  Then smear him/her with allegations and distractions.  Mueller is a disgrace and his tactics belong in the old KGB and Statsi Secret police of the now gone East German Communist state.

The problem I see is the government secret police are trying to find a crime where none exists.  So they do all these socalled "process" crime indictments.  They quiz people over and over and if you don't say the same thing they charge you with perjury or lying to to the FBI.  This is "show trial" crap that banana republics are known for.  America is better than this and that is why this "investigation" must end now.  It is making American justice no better than a dictatorship.

I recall listening to Candidate Trump say in a humorous statement, "Hey Russia, if you find the emails contact the press".  That is what started this witch hunt.  All based on a humorous comment.

Americans of good will are fed up with all this crap and the Attorney General needs to end it now.  I can tell you it will go on forever and it is being done to discredit Trump and cause him top lose in 2020 or to resign.  If the left thinks these things being done to Trump won't happen to them they are crazy.  All Americans need to say STOP!




    No mention of the "other counties"
    Please tell us which counties used the wrong numbers. We'd love to know.
    Let's not forget the dead voters "Chicago-style" Lol.

    1. A synopsis of moronic leadership?

    2. Back to reality, The FBI,DOJ need to find jobs and be transfered to a bannana republic.
      What is the really logicial way to open the door for with these assholes. with the deadbolt or 3 -4 blasts from a 12 guage loaded with 00?
      No as that makes criminals and the frigging FBI marters.
      No warrant just stiff dicks and a and a senile old folker Mueller laying in bed stroking his pud when his assholes kick the door in.
      Might as move to a turd world country?

    3. Well that's so special in a small bus kind of way anon.

  3. Comments here do not deal with the post but the Nevada County Recorders office'
    Thats ok with me and the Nevada County voters elect the same fellow term after term then piss and moan about the leader Diaz goofs up time and time again.
    You grew it voters and chew it.
    Get rid of the guy that runs the show if he screws up.

  4. This is America and people can gripe about anyine in public office. You must be first time voter.

  5. There is nothing new in Boardman’s article that is not substantially in the public record. We’ve discussed the ineptitude of Diaz for ten years. We’ve also discussed Pelline’s undying affection towards him. Thank you to George for telling everyone that we were right about Diaz in 2010. 😉

  6. I feel the same way about Newsome.


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