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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Trump to Pelosi on SOTU. What a hoot!


  1. Replies
    1. Savage?
      Pelosie or Pelousy, which ever you prefer is a senile old broad that should have been put out to pasture twenty years ago.
      She has been a classic pain in the ass from day one.
      If that loon can call the shots she did today then the ptotocal of the speaker needs to change. These liberals are all bat shit crazies.

  2. Oohhh, look at all the squiggles in his signature!

    1. Obviously a comment from a brainless liberal.
      Can't you liberal jack-offs do better than that.

  3. Listen to the angry Republican man hurling insults like a monkey at the zoo throwing his poop! 'Senile old broad', 'loons', 'bat shit crazies', 'jack-offs', 'brainless'.

    The internet is forever. Todd's blog will go down in history as being an example of high intellectual thought!

  4. Yes it will. And now you feel good for swearing?

  5. Annie Fannie a sock puppet is telling others that another set of sock puppets are boxing me in on the Union. You cannot make this stuff up! I am actually kicking their asses but you know how these sock puppets stick together.

  6. I am renaming the Democrat Party. I will now refer to them as the VAMPIRE Party. Obvious reasons abound.


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