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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Democrats will take the blame if there is a Federal Government Shutdown

Are Americans fed up yet with all the games the democrats are playing with our government and the safety of America?  I am.  My goodness, somehow these democrats think they have some kind of leverage over the Republicans regarding the DACA program.  These are the the people, children of illegal immigrants, now all grown up, who may have to go back to their country of origin.  It looks now like the reported number of 700,000 is over 3.5 million when you add in all the relatives.

President Trump withdrew the "Executive Order" Obama put in place giving these people a reprieve from imminent deportation.  The EO was illegal anyway and yet Trump said to Congress, come up with a bill since it is their job to do so, and he would sign it.  Thinking they ha some political advantage, the democrats decided this was their redline against the Republicans and Trump.  But it looks like they overreached.  Trump and Ryan have outsmarted these democrats and now they are squealing "shutdown" if they don't get their way.

But their strategy leaves our troops in limbo and therefore the protection of America.  It is not a wise move to try and use the troops as a ploy and the democrats will pay heavily for this.  There is no reason to conflate the DACA people with the federal budget and the military funding issues.  And Trump and Ryan are pointing that out at every opportunity.  So my guess is the democrats will fold but whine incessantly about these illegal immigrants.

And are we all sick and tired of the democrats lecturing us all about the jobs and positions these DACA people have in the country?  I am.  Sure I am all in if the DACA people want to join the military.  For me that is a fast way to legal.  But the rest are less educated, have more draw on the tax dollars in programs and commit crimes more readily than legal people and citizens.  Why would we want to allow them to stay if they are not benefitting the country?

The answer is VOTES.  For democrats of course.  The democrats need a steady supply of people from poor countries they can control and garner their votes.  Sad to say but this is really a Pyrrhic victory as I see it.  Bringoing in millions who have no allegiance to America will kill the country sooner than later.  That is why we have a LEGAL system so that people can become true Americans.  No matter where they come from.  I could care less what race or color or country they come from.  They have to BENEFIT America though.  They must assimilate.  America is more than just a conglomeration of people.  It is a place that anyone can succeed if they do it right and follow the law.

But democrats just want some compliant voters.  Since Trump is trying to get black Americans on to his Trump train, the left thinks they need to legitimize all these illegals as they may be losing the blacks and the legal brown Americans. Employment is ticking up for all groups and the best way to repay the progress is voting for those that help your bottom line.  Republicans will be gaining may supporters as more and more of them get jobs.  Democrats are all about taxing those people and sending that to those like the DACA folks on the dole.  That is a non-starter for most Americans of goodwill.  Sure we all want to help those that are disadvantaged.  We have spent trillions to do that.  But we are getting weary of the constant drumbeat from the democrats and the left that we are not paying attention to the least among us.

I say hogwash.  It has been my experience that we Americans that work, pay our taxes and play by the rules are the greatest force for good ever seen on this planet.  Not only have we done our best to help our own citizens but we have spent trillions on other countries.  Many of those countries are hostile yet we see through hat to try and help their people.  But the time to reassess is here.  The Republicans, without one vote from a democrat in Congress, passed a tax reform and Jobs bill that is sending our economy into overdrive.  With every job and paycheck, democrats lose voters.  So there you have it.

In order to scare Americans, the democrats say they will shutdown the government if the DACA people are not given "amnesty".  But so what?  Shut it down.  We finally have a President that will meet these democrats liars on the battlefield and he will win this.  America cannot keep spending money we don't have and maybe we should let bills go a bit late to get things into balance.  Protect the people with our military and law enforcement, but maybe the rest can be placed on hold until we balance.  Go Republicans, Go Trump, don't let the demicrat liars win anything.  America can no longer allow the left to wreck the place.

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  1. Well Todd Trump did not cave and told Chuckie "Putz in Dyna tokus"
    The dried up old hippy broad from the Sanctuary City can suck eggs also.
    These liberal democrats are too frigging stupid to understand there is a new
    sheriff in town, President Trump. The democrats can't understand bullshit the spectators and not the players.
    In a week or two the FBI, Mueller, Comey. Hillary et all will receive federal indictments for collusion, treasons acts as well as dereliction of duty and lying under oath or treason.


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