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Sunday, June 18, 2017

ALT-Left Wrecking America

Americans if the LEFT Gets their way
I am worried that America is under siege from within.  And those that wish it ill are from the left side of the political aisle.  All my life until at least 1990 or so, America resisted and confronted the communists and the socialists on planet earth.  We confronted and went to war with them as our people knew the left was all about tyranny and big government.  All those communist countries with their Stasi police, all more or less like the World War 2 German Gestapo.  No freedom for the individual, only power for the state.

And in my lifetime I have seen the people of America slowly accepting bigger government as some sort of "savior" for them.  Each day we see more personal freedoms whittled down.  The old "frog in the cold water" story. But look at what is has come to.  Political Correctness, AKA PC has run rampant and our citizens are afraid to speak their minds for fear of being called some inflammatory name. Traditional things are belittled and tossed into the trash.  Religion in America, well Christian religion, is mocked and others like Islam are propped up as some sort of measure of tolerance.  Many people last week held rallies against "Sharia Law" coming to America.  They were attacked and counter protested by groups of people  Sharia Law would obliterate.  Homosexuals and women (feminists) were out there protesting the protesters.  But if Sharia went into affect as it has in other countries, the homosexuals would be tossed off buildings to their death and women would never go outside without a male escort.

So it seems to me the world for some people is upside down.  I went to a "Free Speech" rally in Berkeley and those calling themselves "Antifa", for Anti Fascists, were there creating violence against people reciting the US Constitution!  The Antifa's were the fascists yet they are so dumb they think not.  I blame the lack of critical thinking NOT taught in our schools.  Where everyone gets a trophy so no one's feeling are hurt.
So here we are in the 67th year of my life and I am seeing things happening in America I thought we defeated 25 years ago.  What is worse it is the lack of leadership in America that has me worried the most.  All the debt and those yearly deficits undermine the future of America even more than an attack by some enemy.  We are only as stable and powerful as our economy.   But 535 people we send to Washington DC cannot seem to help themselves about the spending.  Wishing to be all things to all people they have put our country into a very precarious place.  Can you imagine paying a hundred dollars for a loaf of bread?  Or a tomato?  It has happened in the history of the planet.  We are allowing the politicians to be irresponsible with our money.  And they are getting record amounts of our money!  Never enough.

California is the best current example of "never enough".  I wonder how we can have such a low unemployment number as reported last week and have the highest welfare population.  How is that possible?  But the information is not trustworthy and we are all skeptical about "fake news" now.  All this angst and the attempts by the ALT-LEFT to undermine President Trump and his administration are making people distrust those we should not distrust.  But when 90% of the press is voting ALT-LEFT and donating their money to Democrats we see the problem.  The press is always preaching about the money (Citizen's United)  in politics yet they give millions to the left.  Not much to the right.  They are buying their own demise with their support of one party over the others.  But they deny they are influenced or that they influence the process. And we all know that is total baloney.

In my humble opinion, I think the ALT-LEFT and their lackey's  in the media are overplaying their hands.  Americans like to support the underdog.  We don't like it when someone or something is piled on.  And that is what we see with their attacks on Trump.  Most of the "fake news" is underwritten by anonymous sources.  And those sources are saying some really terrible things about Trump, his voters and the process.  And I think there will be a tipping point" that no one will like.  Trump was duly elected under the rules of our Constitution.  Those that want him out are committing treason and should be shunned.  Of course, they have their "freedom of speech" so have at it, but watch out.  I would suggest the left will be wiped out over the next few elections and the country will finally get right thinking people in charge of the place.  Well, except for California and New York.

America is the last best hope of a place where an individual is important.  Communism, socialism and whatever runs Europe could care less about you as an individual.  But I think you do.  And if you want to preserve this great place and the experiment unprecedented in human history (except Greece circa 500BC) you had better get involved.  In one generation we can lose it all.  In my lifetime I have seen this happening and if you don't pay attention you will become what most of history had you as.  A piece of canon fodder.


  1. Paul Emery our local Alt-Left media type is quite a piece of work. He in my view has severe mental issues. He won't post here thank goodness, but many of us have to read hiss tripe and personal attacks on Rebane's blog. Now he is claiming I and others want the Russian to come take over as we have said we don't care for the democrats. So can anyone out there help this man? And of course he always goes personal against me. He led the way to defeat a housing project I proposed many years ago. It was for working class people here. And he did it all for political help to a candidate he supported. Well, I helped the winner and he has never gotten over that defeat. So he calls me a failed developer. What a hoot. I got a 5-0 vote to proceed from the Planning Commission. When it got to the Board of Supervisors I eventually withdrew it to calm the water created by Emery and his limousine liberal pals. The BOS never voted on it. All this time he was living in a not so wonderful situation. Hell he could have bought one of mine! Anyway the man is unhinged. I think he loses it when he sees me out in public with a great looking gal and he has none. So this is how he thinks he can get "even". He really is a sorry person.

    1. Sounds like Squire Emery is a legend in his own mind (based on my rash assumption if he has a mind at all).
      Plenty of his types up here, too many. It is what it is up here and the freeze dried hippies will dry up and blow away in time. Or they will meet their maker on the 49 to and from Auburn.

    2. Grass Valley, Nevada City and the County fees, Fire fee, School Fee, Sewer and Water connection fees, PG&E connection fees, Septic / Well costs for fees and construction, coupled with plan check and permits and Engineering and Architectural design costs and Soils Reports costs just dont pencil at $50,000 and more. Land cost, overhead and profit, carry on the construction loan and sales commissions.
      Can't build affordable single family housing up here as the fees are too high.

  2. In a rare twist, President Donald Trump passed on an opportunity Sunday to denounce former President Barack Obama as a leader of the "resistance," despite a Facebook post Thursday which criticized the Senate GOP healthcare bill.

    "I don't think he's leading it," Trump told Fox News' "Fox & Friends" about claims Obama is the leader of the resistance, a political no-no in the long U.S. tradition of a peaceful transition of power.

    "He actually just put out a small statement. I don't see that leading it. But other people are leading."

    President Trump lamented the fact even if the GOP proposed a healthcare bill considered "the greatest bill ever proposed in mankind, we wouldn't get a vote [from a Democrat]."

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    "But that's called the resistance – that's a terrible word," Trump told Fox News. "Think of it. Their theme is resist. Their theme should be, let's get together, envelop. Let's get together. But their theme is resist."

    Trump added "I happen to like it," because voters see through it and side with him in the way he is running his office.

    "One of the things that should be solved, but it probably won't be, is that the Republicans and Democrats don't get together," Trump said. "They fight each other. The level of hostility. In other words, this isn't just Trump, this has been like this for years."

    Democrats are too ignorant to understand and republicans are gullible also but there is a faction out there that wants Trump vaporized.
    Is that faction stronger than the millions that voted for President Trump and I am one of them?
    I think not. Does that faction want a confrontation with the voters and supporters of Present Trump, millions of supporters that will put down any coup?
    Why is Soros not been indicted, tried and thrown in a dungeon?
    Who in government is protecting this guy? Why is this asshole still vertical?
    The old bastard is death walking, who has he bought off in this government? Obama, Biden,Holder, Jarrett, McCain? Is our government so crooked that it allows this guy to line their pockets?
    Please tell me why this bastard is still breathing? He supplies voting machines? Is that true? If it is then why do we have elections?
    I guess I am not that smart, crooked or conniving to figure this dreck out.

  3. Apple cider vinegar

    1. First, Apple Cider Vinegar included was a glitch with the copy paste and could not be deleted.
      Seems you are ignoring or not comprehending the entire post only picking fly shit out of the salt.
      Obviously you are a democrat and a supporter of Obama, Soros, Clinton and anti-Trump.
      I have one question for you, what you do tomorrow with a brain and not full of hate?

    2. Well Mr. Anonymous, very simple to deduce who you are from your posts.

    3. I had to delete most of the idiots posts attacking me. Where do these loons come from?

    4. Those loons come from where we have never been.

  4. Have you ever given one thought to anything that helps others? Or is helping others just for losers?

    1. Well since you are unwilling to tell us about your contributions to humanity I am not going to list mine. And you are a coward to allege anything here.

    2. "Have you ever given one thought to anything that helps others? Or is helping others just for losers?"
      "What an ignorant statement?"
      Mr. / or Ms. that wrote that is the ultimate loser.
      The City of Grass Valley, City of Nevada City and the County of Nevada County in my mind has an infrastructure that is third world.
      Freeman Lane paving is Tiajuana quality as are Auburn Road from McCourty past Hidden Valley.
      Grass valley streets are 4th world and the Dorsey driveway into the AAA office has a PGE power pole and curb poured four feet past the curb and if driving a F-250 crew cab, 8' bed you need to make the turn from the left lane on Dorsey eastbound to clear the pole.
      What dork in the City of Grass Valley engineering department approved that?
      Paving in this "Turd World" county and city is in dire help of infrastructure improvements.

    3. Governor Brown signed his 125 Billion bill today.
      Don't like the guy but he did not look healthy at all in his picture and feel sorry for him.
      Conservatives like me are caring though thats the difference between us and liberals.

    4. That is true. We actually care and we use our own money to help. Liberals use other people's money.

    5. I have another loony lib attacking me so I boot him/her. What a hoot!

    6. The most hated unemployed journalist seems to be on a tear vomiting all over blogs today. Keep booting his porcine ass, just put your steel toes on first. ROFLOL

    7. I read and commented on your question relating to affordable housing and what are the Heidi Hall's and local bureaucrats doing to solve the problem?
      Seems I read somewhere the departing Grass Valley City manager was paid a salary of around $187,000 per year. In private for profit business mark up for profit is around 8-15% and overhead is 5-10%. These overhead percentages are close. Therefore if I am paying an executive which I believe a City Manager is $187,000 per year he needs to bring in $1,870,000 to cover overhead plus $1,496,016 to cover profit at 8% and $2,805,030 at 15% profit.
      If his salary is $187,000 then he needs to bring in gross sales of $4,675,030, to cover his contribution for overhead and profit.
      Have I missed something here?
      As a general contractor with gross sales of $5,000,000 per my profit in a competitive market will be 2% profit ($100,000) and 1% overhead ($49,000)
      That's $38,000 less than the City's Manager. And I have personal liability if one of my projects goes south but one never has since 1970 or ever will.
      Gosh, at least buy your business suits, shirts, ties and shoes at Nordstroms and not K-Mart or J C Penney?
      I'm used to doing dry and wet utility open cut replacements for pipeline / sewer / water / electrical conduit / gas and backfill is NEVER NATIVE Cobble but sand shading above spring line of pipes and slurry backfill.
      Trench settlement is evident on all streets in this area.
      My favorite example of city derelicts is the PGE pole 4' past face of curb at the AAA driveway on Dorsey. Ricardo Cabeza city inspectors / engineering department were asleep at the switch and did not request a PGE pole relocation well in advance of start of construction. This is construction 101 and the engineering department dropped the ball.
      How about the 96" CMP and 33-45 degree transition that failed under the old Pioneer Motors parking lot.
      Of course it failed as it was CMP in a deep fill with loading CMP will not take.
      What's the Grass Valley / Cal-trans fix, more CMP with a 45-33 degree transition collar or a poured in place manhole with a manhole to grade for cleanout.
      The CMP is still failing under Freeman and the 96" CMP from inlet to outfall in Wolf Creek should be RCP and the CMP will fail under the 49 as it will not sustain the traffic loading as well as there is erosion and not proper backfill around CMP from invert to new transition at failed CMP.
      Fix it correctly.

  5. Todd if you don't publish my posts, please copy / paste to Tim Gore as I want the copy for other things
    President Trump is forging ahead quite well this week.
    This is a personal message to you

    1. I was in temporary moderation. All good right now.

  6. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and look over there not at Trump games.
    So sad. You will delete anything and everything that does not attack a lefty. Meanwhile back at Trumps oval orfice the big baby is having a meltdown.

    1. From your comment it seems you are not able to present President Trump's shortcomings if any, other than your slur " Meanwhile back at Trumps oval orifice the big baby is having a meltdown".
      Hell, you can't even spell orifice correctly.
      You sir a certifiable Cabeza Ricardo.

    2. Why do we even acknowledge these stupid liberals unless you can tell me how to fix stupid ? These idiots are the product of the California liberal school systems.
      Caring parents now homeschool their children.

    3. We have to allow others to see how nutty these liberals are. So we have to leave some of their tripe.

    4. We do and the liberals do not disappoint us.


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