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Friday, June 30, 2017

Freedom 2017! Can we keep it?

America is quite a place.  And it is quite the idea.  We are coming up on our 241st year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Those men who put that document together were propelling the planet's age old governance of Kings into the dustbin.  They decided to empower each person to be their best and make them the owners of America.  And we have seen that all the way to today. 

In one generation, mine, I have seen the relentless attacks on our way of life.  Our brave men and women saved the planet from the Nazi's and the Fascists and the imperialists of World War Two.  And what did their children do with that sacrifice?  We rioted in the streets for free stuff.  And we spoiled our kids and grandkids with free stuff and no responsibility.  And look around what do you see?  People whining and complaining and living in the past.  Many can't get past the childish blame game of three year olds who want their way.  Every sub category of humanity trying to wrestle free stuff and "rights" from the others.  Takers of those hard workers almost outnumbering the "makers" who supply the manna of life.

And it seems every day there is a new aggrieved group who we allow the right to air their issues in courts and on the media.  People trying to make the "normal" folks feel guilty that these aggrieved people are somehow biased against.  Hogwash in my view.  But they have done something I expected many years ago.  I saw a lot of this when I was an elected official.  People wanting free stuff are also very vocal.  And in America, they all have "advocacy" groups.  There is a "welfare" advocacy group or probably many of them.  So we have a large number of freeloaders of the hard worker's money banding together to get power to get more free stuff.  And they have lawyers to help!  And multiply this times all the aggrieved groups.  Now we have "transgendered" people who rode in on the coattails of the homosexuals who won court cases all the way the the US Supreme Court.  We must now accommodate less than 1% of the population or be sued and fined of our money if we "lose".

I am and always have been, a compassionate person regarding people of all stripes.  I have friends of every color and gender.  But now, like those in Canada, one cannot say anything out loud about any of these groups without risk of arrest for "hate speech".  And that speech is subject to the interpretation by a "speech" expert.  So somehow in America, the land and people that conquered most of the problems that have plagued mankind for millennia, you can be arrested and jailed for "speech".

But wait!  It seems that hate speech is a one-way street.  Democrats can get up on the floor of the House and Senate in DC and call Republicans "murderers" and worse for trying to deal with the failed ObamaCare fiasco and they are not penalized.  Well, maybe the people of America will.  By not sending their sorry butts back to power.  That is along shot though.  If you disagree with a liberal and they screech loud enough the media will and always does, carry their water and their message.  GUILT!  Americans should feel guilt so they become compliant.  And that was what we saw under Obama and the leftwing media.  But that is now being scrutinized and the cause of that is DONALD J> TRUMP!

We finally have someone that is not taking their bait of guilt.  And he does not sit back and let the left attack him and his family without him giving back as good as he gets.  And other than the over-educated pinheads on the coasts or from Academia, Americans are giving Trump applause.  He may be a bit crude but so are we throughout the land.  If someone insults you either you take it or fight back.  Republicans have always taken it.  I used to yell at the TV when George W. Bush did not respond to the scurrilous attacks by the left.  So I did it for him.  Now we have a man who does it for us.

When you add up all these grievance groups across tha land and now even across the planet, what do we see?  We see a hate for white males mostly.  But for all races of the American population really.  And why is that?  I think it is because we have been a success in the progress of the human condition.  And we have become self-sufficient.  America has led the way in bringing the planet's people out of the cave and into the light.  But like the weakest of the humans, jealousy is still rampant.  Look at the Paris Accord on "climate change" as one example.  We Americans were to transfer our wealth to the third world as they did their best to lay the guilt trip on us.  And of course the liberals here obliged.  Obama and John Kerry sold us out to make themselves feel better.  But now we see that rejected by Trump, thank goodness.

America is a land of opportunity but we must stay vigilant to remain so.  Obama and his minions tried to whittle us down into a "sameness" with other countries.  And he almost succeeded.  But the resilient people of America rose iup to reject that diminution of America by the left.  We are better than they are.  They should aspire to our greatness.  Not the other way around.  Humans were always just cannon fodder for the kings before America came along.  And you, each and every one of you, is important.  Not only to yourself but to all of us.  Why would we want to return to being cannon fodder?  WW1 and WW2 left 150 million mostly men, dead and gone.  The KING tried to regain you.  But America said no.  And we must not let those that would try to destroy us through force or subterfuge to regain power.

So let us stop the ridiculous quest for "diversity is our strength crap" and become Americans.  Without hyphens.  If you are living here and want to partake in the freedoms then get rid of those phony differences and just be a AMERICAN!


  1. When Freedom Is Outlawed
    Only Outlaws Will Have Freedom

    God bless America!

  2. According to a story in Rare Chicago:

    Illinois lawmakers pass law to make President Obama’s birthday a state holiday

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The state of Illinois will be getting another holiday on its calendar: a day to honor former President Barack Obama’s birthday.

    The bill which names Aug. 4 an honorary holiday passed 87-0 Friday in the state House. The state Senate passed the law in March. It is on the way to the Republican governor for him to sign, The Associated Press reported.

    Obama started his public career in the Illinois Senate in 1997. He served in the U.S. Senate in 2004 before running and eventually winning the presidency.

    The House originally rejected the move to make his birthday a state holiday in March, citing concerns over giving state workers another paid day off, the AP reported.

    The day will recognize Obama’s efforts to protect Americans’ rights and build “bridges across communities.”
    Wonderfull. Sorry but I will miss that one.

    1. Illinois is the poster child state. It is a mess. And the politicians are mostly corrupt like those in Cook County. Obama made State Senate by illegally releasing a opponents closed divorce records. And he started his Presidential run with Terrorist Bill Ayers in his initial gathering of supporters. The people and the state are what every state should shun.


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