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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

US Senate Democrats are reaping what they have sown

We are getting some good political theater at the national level the last few weeks.  I love watching CSPAN as it is unfiltered when filming the HOUSE and SENATE floors and the debates or speeches.  And CSPAN films other functions that we would never see on the lamestream news media.  Like Book Notes and speeches at private or public venues.  But lately, we have been seeing how unhinged the democrats have become.  They lost their way and their majorities all across America.  And down to dog catcher.  Even in little Nevada County, we see them trying to organize and take over.  But so far the people of Nevada County have resisted.
Judge Gorsuch official portrait.jpg
Neil Gorsuch

But nationally we see the democrats getting a taste of their own medicine.  I am speaking of Trump's Executive Orders tossing out Obama's and Trump's pick of Neil Gorsuch as his pick for the US Supreme Court.  Democrat Senators led by New York Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer are now faced with the very things they did to overcome earlier Republican efforts on voting for Judges and others, like Cabinet members.  When Republicans fought against the attempts by Obama to appoint leftists to many open judicial seats, the Democrat leader, Harry Reid changed the rules to allow a simple majority to approve.  Article One, Section Five of the US Constitution states in part, "Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behaviour, and, with the Concurrence of two thirds, expel a Member."

Mitch McConnell
So there you go.  The two-thirds then 60 vote requirements for overcoming a filibuster are just a Senate rule (subject to change by a simple majority).  When exercised by the democrats they were cautioned by the Republicans that it cuts both ways.  When Trump won and the Republicans kept the Senate in November the "what goes around, comes around" took place. And watching the screeching of the democrats on their floor is really enjoyable to me.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised the change of that rule needing 60 votes and going to a simple majority.  (I think it should be that way for everything)  He says there will be a confirmation of Gorsuch by this Friday.  Good!  I also would like to see this for the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.  It was evident two weeks ago the three stage repeal and replace was too archaic to make it work.

Here we go folks.  The democrats did it to the Republicans and now they are getting their just desserts.  And the reason the democrats are forcing this change in voting is their anger at the refusal of the Republicans to allow a vote on Merrick B. Garland for the US Supreme Court.  The Obama nomination was done in the election year for the office of President so the Republicans enacted the "Biden" rule on the nomination.  When Joe Biden was in the Senate, he said a nomination should not take place or approved in a Presidential Election year.  Of course, that was when there was a Republican President.  Now the tables are turned and the democrats want to make you think the Biden Rule doesn't matter.  More hypocrisy.  So there is it, the democrats do their dirty deeds to pursue their agenda and when confronted by the same thing by the Republicans it is all about NO!.  The democrats have become the party of NO!

Since America s pretty much a fifty-fifty country politically, I think all the business in the Senate should be a simple majority.  We have 52 Republicans now and to allow a arcane rule  to get eight democrats to vote our way is not possible.  The democrats are unable to be "bi-partisan".  Of course, when they are in power they shoved down the throats of America, ObamaCare and many other things.  Now they are in the minority and they screech that those wascally Republicans need to be "bi-partisan".  And they do their best to lay on the guilt along with their stenographers we once called the press.  But thankfully Trump and the rest of the Republicans are finally showing us some guts and are resisting giving in to the lefty's demands.  As long as it is only 51 votes for a victory in legislation in the US Senate, we will see lots of good things happening n our federal government.

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