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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Munk Debate on Friday, who cares? Canadians are full of it.

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Jennifer Grandholm
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Newt Gingrich
Laura Ingraham
Robert Reich
I watched most of the debate from Toronto on a format called the "Munk Debate".  They had Newt Gingrich  and Laura Ingraham on the Trump side and Robert Reich and Jennifer Grandholm on the Hillary side.  3,000 people were in the audience.  Preliminary voting on the Resolution, Trump's "Making America Great Again" was 18% yes and 82% no.  Meaning the crowd of Canucks were opposed to Trump.

So I listened to the same old status quo crap from the Reich side and really had to keep myself from puking my Cocoa Puffs.  Newt and Laura did their best to convince the crowd of mostly socialist Canadians that a free market businessman was a better choice.  In the end they swayed 8% of the undecided crowd to Trump an were declared the winners of the debate.

What I found though was a, more of the same attack on the person of Trump by Reich and the failed governor of Michigan, Grandholm.  They could not help themselves in attacking his looks, his hair, his every molecule.  Namecalling and derision.  Nothing about policies.  Same old liberal crap.  Attack the person hoping the "Jerry Springer" nation their policies have dumbed down will work.  And Newt and Laura?  Policies.  And some responses to the attacks on Trump.  Not enough though.  How the liberals like Reich and Grandholm can keep a straight face while telling us how Hillary is going to fix America was rich.  Of course they could not admit directly that Obama's policies have messed the place up.  Walking that fine line all liberals walk.  First they screw it up then blame the Republicans.  Classic!

But Grandholm showed us another version of Hillary.  A shrieking, screeching attacker.  My goodness, how could anyone elect her?  And her track record in Michigan was one of huge failures.  Job losses and the demise of Detroit.  But hey, she had good intentions.  Reich was bloviating about how terrible school choice is and how wonderful all those public schools are.  I thought, has this man been on Mars all this time?  And he lied so much as he spewed some bogus statistics I thought his nose grew longer.  Newt smacked Reich's stats pretty good.  Laura did OK.  But overall this is my takeaway.

Republicans/Conservatives care about the polices and freedoms.  Democrats/Liberals care about slandering their opposition and bigger government.  Now if we have a Jerry Springer nation, Hillary will win.  If people actually care about policies and all the other issues faced by the people, Trump will win.

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