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Friday, September 30, 2016

Abraham Lincoln's speech on slavery from 1940 Movie and transcript of the real one

I remembered this and perhaps it should be heard in all the schools of America for each grade.  It is very inspiring and is relevant today.  I am not sure about the exact words from 1858 Lincoln/Douglas debates but regardless they are wonderful and informative.  This video is a visual form of the first debate between the two.  I recall Lincoln's "A house divided against itself" and other memorable things.  And our country is all aflutter with the debates today where Hillary Clinton uses a old beauty queen's hurt feelings (unsubstantiated I might add) that r. Trump called her Miss Piggy.  I cannot understand the lowering to the gutter by the Clinton's.  Or maybe I can.

The debates today should be about policies that affect our America.  About the race relations and the economy.  Not some gutter snipe's accusations from 20 years ago.  But that seems to be the comfortable area Hillary Clinton likes to reside.  I hope Donald Trump does not fall for it.  Afterall, Hillary will have her sycophant US Senator Harry Reid go to the floor of our hallowed Senate Chambers and tell the world Trump is a __________, fill in the blank.  So listen to this or go read the transcript of the Lincoln masterpiece of his first debate.  If you are not inspired to do better then I feel very sorry for you.

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