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Monday, June 6, 2016

Trump gets the PC crowd all a-flutter doesn't he?

It seems like every day we are bombarded by the PC press and many others regarding Trump's statements and positions as "racist".  This truly confuses me and maybe as Eric Holder once said, Americans are cowards when it comes to the discussion of "race".  We have a prime example of it here with Trump and this judge.

Gonzalo Curiel lists “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego” as a legal association he has been a part of in the Senate questionnaire during confirmation. Curiel’s office at the United States District Court for the Southern District of California confirmed to TheDC the judge’s membership in the group.

HERE is the California group of which the San Diego branch is a part of.   The following is copied from the La Raza page says in part,

"La Raza lawyers of California is a nonprofit association organized in 1977 to support Chicano and Latino Lawyers in California and serve as a statewide network for local affiliate La Raza Lawyer Groups."

HERE is the direct link to the San Diego Chapter.  Read the side bars to see who these people support.  And also they are politically active in supporting candidates. They are also a member and support the National Council of La Raza which I consider a "hate" group. 

Do you think Trump has a point that this Judge should recuse?

The bigger question for me is this.  If a "white" judge who belonged to a organization called "the race" was sitting on the bench for a trial on a "latino", would the game change?  Would there be a recusal request?  Most assuredly there would in this PC country.  
I do n ot condone racism at all and I call out those that practice it.  However, when a person simply thinks he may not get a fair trial because a judge may be biased, then I am not opposed.  Trump did not call this man an epithet did he?  He said he was a "Mexican".  The Judge calls himself a "Mexican".  Why is that?  Because the judge is proud of his heritage and belongs to "latino" organizations.  So in my view the press and the PC believers should actually congratulate Trump.  He confirmed what the judge is and what he supports.  Why is that a terrible or PC thing?
So I would suggest if the country wants fair and impartial judges, they should not belong to race or ethnic exclusive organizations.  This judge should recuse voluntarily now that the country sees there could be a bias.
I have been perplexed over the years with some real hypocrisy I see in places where there should not be any.  The Congressional Black Caucus is one of them.  Can you imagine the "Congressional White Caucus"?  I believe there may be a "latino" caucus too.  To me this is racist and needs to be disbanded.  Blacks are Americans just like me but I object to them sitting in Congress and differentiating themselves by their skin color.  What is that all about?  We are in the same boat and we need every person representing us to be unbiased.  How can a group be unbiased if they use their skin color as a voting preference?
This goes for Chambers of Commerce or any other groups.  Private and non-profit.  I know we have a "latino" C of C on local and statewide levels.  Why is that?  And why is that OK with the very people claiming grievances against "white" people?  I have never owned a person.  Neither has my family tree.  Yet I am told everyday by these "aggrieved" groups that I am a racist simply because of my skin color.  Is that not the pinnacle of hypocrisy?  Sure it is.  And to top it off, these aggrieved "minorities" seek and get preferential treatment and money from the treasuries of the country.  And a leg up in things like hiring and schools.  I am told that a person coming from another country who is considered a "minority" )not white) is eligible for favors from our government.  Even though that person was not a citizen or had ever been a aggrieved minority here in the USA.
Now I am all about helping those that need it if they are truly in need.  But is it not time to start holding these "aggrieved" groups to the same standards as we?  To me, the issue of race should be irrelevant to the success of America.  People need to stop the finger pointing and get on board this country's bus.  The race hustlers should be told to shut up and the PC police and guilt ridden white liberals in the press and elsewhere need to stop fanning the flames of unrest.  As a person who loves everyone and all races and ethnicity's, I urge the people of America to stop all this divisive talk and behavior and get to work. And stop the oh my, I am so sensitive crapola. Man up!


  1. Todd, discussing Trump may be important, but it is not nearly as important as discussing... ME! In case you haven't heard yet, I am in Ireland, and I am eating CHEESE! I have to show them how to make chili cheese fries the way I like it but, oh boy, they got it down now and I am in cheese heaven! Did I tell you I have a cabin at Tahoe? Oh yeah! And I have MY cabin stocked with CHEESE! Did I tell you I LOVE CHEESE? I used to bring cheese to my friend Herb Caen. Then he would then ask me to get him some coffee. Boy, I was really something back then, before I moved to this po-dunk cul-de-sac where everybody hates me. Even my BFF Frisch thinks I am a pompous hypocrite. And that is really saying something! And then that meanie Ackerman fired me from the best job I ever had. I think I will just stay in Ireland and eat cheese until I pop! LOL!

    1. I guess he saw your "cheese" post!

      jeffpelline says:

      June 7, 2016 at 12:03 am

      Oh no. The anonymous creeps on Todd’s blog stalk me even when I’m on vacation. I miss you too. ROFLOL.

      He does miss you though......which I think is just an acknowledgement that he likes the attention.

      See TRUE provide a valuable social function!

    2. And he is on a cheese tour in Ireland! Chili cheese! You cannot make this stuff up.

    3. Annie Fox says:

      June 7, 2016 at 12:13 pm

      They still think I’m you! I even met Todd and spoke with him face to face years ago. This is hysterical!

      Ooooh.....its spooky....and a little sad when the personalities think they're real.

    4. Never met a broad names Annie Fox. Maybe she could send me a selfie to 530-755-8663 and prove it. LOL!


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