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Monday, May 30, 2016

Trump coming to Sacramento on Wednesday!

I have two tickets.  I am going for the adventure!  Should be a busy place.  Maybe that leftwingnut Nielson A. Locke will come see his next President?  LOL! Oops, he is a self hating white guy.  Gotta laugh at those self haters.  Sad sack.

 Here are signs posted at Highway 174 in the Rollins Lake Area.  Free, no copyright.  Too bad for the  podunk FUE. LOL!!


  1. I just listened to a young man who is organizing a protest of Trump for tonight. Channel 8, FOX. What a idiot. My guess is he is on welfare and is getting a check from the SEIU. He really shows me these nits don't even have a clue about the world. Well, we will see what happens. I imagine the Sheriff in Sacramento County will have a lot of people there too.

  2. jeffpelline says:

    June 2, 2016 at 8:30 am


    Oh, The Advocate didn’t take George Boardman’s word for it and call it the “Fathers (sic) Day Classic.” Which is wrong.
    As for your point, the race has been poorly attended in recent years, so it makes all the sense in the world to stick with “Nevada City Classic Bicycle Race,” because it might attract some “new blood.”

    What I like about the “old guard” is that they’re argue until their blue in the face for it to be “just like the old days.” Unfortunately, the world is growing up all around western Nevada County. Ouch!

    What I like about the “Nations Editor” is that they’re argue until their blue in the face for it to be “just like the old days.” Unfortunately, the world is learning the difference between "they're" and 'their" and how and when they should be properly used in a sentence.

    Ouch indeed!

    (Hurry along now and see this in the wild before jeffy "Memory Holes" his screw up)

    1. It sounds like the FUE thought that big Stevie Frisch was above editing from the gibberish at the end of his blowing smoke up his own ass novel length post yesterday!

  3. Watched Trump. Amazing that the Dems made it necessary to have law enforcement security. Talk about hypocracy! Watched what he had to say that made sense, and Hillary insult him. What a farce elections have become with low life's people donate to elect. Damn it's discouraging. Looking back at history I wondered why people gave up. BMW

  4. Annie Fox says:

    June 3, 2016 at 8:01 am

    I wonder if he is related to Gladys Cravit Bewitched)

    It's "Kravitz" should really learn to bring your "A" game when you operate your puppets.

    1. Annie Fox says:

      June 6, 2016 at 11:43 am

      Jeff, my apologies for mis-spelling KRAVITZ. Didn’t mean to get fish chasing you but my comment still stands. Maybe I should take this opportunity that he may want to inspect our toilets before flushing. I’m happy the mis-spell was pointed out. Thank you.

      Perhaps I judge too harshly. I mean it must be difficult juggling all the personalities in your big ol punkin head while planning for foreign travel and scouring the web for "not nice"'ve got a lot on your plate.

      Inspect your toilets?? Well since you're a man of ample....err....carriage I'm sure the leavins are spectacular....but I'll pass (no pun intended).

      Is it true you can be as much as twenty five pounds lighter ....after?

      Inquiring minds.

  5. Sounds like the crazy cat lady crew in Nevada city wont be able to put Heidi Halls credibility back together now that the truth about who the other Nevada city council members support. Guess what, ITS NOT HER! They must be crying in their tin foil hats!

  6. GOD's blessings for his family and RIP Muhammad Ali at 74.


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