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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Primary Election Results mixed as usual here in Nevada County

What changes if any can we glean from the results last night?  Not too much in my opinion.  As always, we win some and we lose some.  Some local leftwing liberal blogger yappers think otherwise apparently.  The local leftwing extremist Jeff Pelline think the county is headed into the left column.  But the proof is not there.

In my old District One seat democrat Heidi Hall will be the new Supervisor.  She beat a fellow democrat/indie, Duane Strawser.  Pelline tries to make this Hall victory into something it is not.  I had won two terms, followed by Republican Dave Tobiassen, the Republican Christine Foster, then two terms by democrat Peter Van Zant, followed by three terms of Republican Nate Beason.  So as far as making a claim the District is doing something new is ridiculous.  It still tilts towards the right. But I congratulate Heidi Hall in her victory.  Let's see if she is really non partisan or a ideologue of the left.

District Two re-elected a Republican, Ed Scofield over democrat Harris by a wide margin. 61-38.  That is a telling number isn't it? That tells me his voters are happy and conservative.

Doug LaMalfa had a six percent falloff in Nevada County over his district wide percentage of 40%  But if you add all the Republicans together there is a 50/50 with democrats and DTS voters.  A high turnout here on Measure W helped the left but it is a anomaly.  It will not happen next cycle. Democrat Jim Reed got 29% over the whole district and 36% in Nevada County.  He benefited as well from Measure W and the Bernie Sanders voting but will be handily defeated in November.

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump did better in Nevada County by five percentage points as he got 80% of the Republican votes. He was running virtually unopposed of course.  The total votes for Republicans was 9,480.  My guess is there are a lot of "blank" votes on this race as people tend to fail to fill the blank in when there is no competition.  That is called "under votes".  Democrats in the presidential race totaled about 15,000 voters.  A excellent turnout.  I think the allure of the commie Bernie Sanders was too much for many as he beat Clinton by twenty points in Nevada County while losing statewide 55-43.  Nevada County truly has a leftwing extremist group.   But it does show me when a electorate gets excited it will turnout in greater number than when there is vanilla only.

Measure W was defeated and I think it shows me a couple of things.  One is people are all about their property rights and felt this was a further infringement on them.  Also, I think the people did not want to have to have a initiative to change the proposed ordinance if it needs tweaking.  They prefer the Board of Supervisors do the tweaking.  And it is more easily done that way.  A practical result.  Last I think a majority may have felt the medical side arguments were legitimate and defeated it to keep their options open for healthcare reasons.

Measure Y in Nevada City was also defeated and I think that bodes well for property rights too.  I think the voters said "hey!" this is my house and I may need some extra money so leave me alone.  I did not understand why the YES on Y people thought it was a problem.  My goodness, all those people staying and spending their money and then GASP, leaving for home!  To me it was a defeat of the liberal overreach of our lives. And that was in the liberal bastion of  the city limits of Nevada City!   And like Measure W was seen as a attack on personal and private property rights.  Both a conservative result.

So we had a really energetic result here with a mixed bag of why.  Some liberal extremists like Jeff Pelline etal think they are seeing a move to the left in Nevada County.  I say this is a one shot deal motivated by a Measure W ballot that turned into a battle of property rights, a right side issue. I see people of both parties wanting to protect their very personal and private property.  A true "progressive" would be for that as are most conservatives.  To make a claim any other way is folly.  People move here from urban areas to enjoy their property and we see they will vote to protect those rights.

Congrats to all the winners.  To those who failed to win, thank you for trying.  America allows a person to bounce back if they choose to.  But there is no reason to bow your head in shame for the defeat.  It takes guts to run no matter the result. ON TO NOVEMBER!!


  1. Reading other people's take on the election makes me wonder if they have any intelligence at all about the results. The libs get one victory and the world is now liberal. What a hoot!

  2. The crazy cat lady crew is spewing fur balls after hearing that 38 percent of the votes have yet to counted by good old Greg Diaz and crew. How will the purple hippo react when HH loses to the bike guy? Seismic level tantrums and lots of other peoples ROFLOLS!

    1. This happens every election so we have to wait. But in my experience the results don't change. If it is real close there is a possibility.

    2. Schofield and w not likely to change. Strawser v Hall could conceivably shift if there were a whole lot of late votes just from the sheer numbers. Never a dull moment in NC politics except in the FUE's cesspool. ROFLOL!

    3. I doubt a change. But like the election of Izzy Martin, Heidi Hall's will be exposed for the radical liberal she is an the people will probably boot her next time. You can fool the people some of the time. She may be a "nice" woman, but I think her political views, the real ones, will expose her later. For now, I say let her do her thing.

    4. Elections says they will have the next update on Tuesday.

    5. Heidi Hall is up less than 900 votes. 17,000 to go. Lets hope they did not slaughter any goats in celebration.

    6. Divide the 17,000 by five though. Tough to overcome. I was up 49 in 1989 and after all the recounts and late votes I still won by 49

  3. But that was before the rules on vote by mail changed last year which is why there are so many uncounted ballots.


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