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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CNN, did they change the debate criteria becasue of my email?

Carly fiorina speaking.jpgCarly Fiorina is in.  CNN reevaluated its debate rules for admittance and lo and behold she will be there.  Of course my email was one of many so I am just pulling the liberals chain with my header.  But once again we see the results of the pressure of concerned people working to make things better.

HERE is the article.  HERE is more about Carly.

It seemed strange to many of us that the person who won the first debate would be excluded from the next.  Carly clearly was the class of the first one and the polls thereafter cemented that.  But CNN was using polls from before that debate so she was not invited to the second one.  I want to thank all the thousands of like minded, fair minded people who gave CNN a way to include her.

She is the only woman on the Republican side and the country needs to know her perspective up against all the guys.  She handles herself very good in these situations and she is very quick on her feet.  So thank you CNN for letting the nation see a very successful woman running in the party the liberal democrats claim has a "war on women".

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