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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Extremists are wrecking Nevada County

I suggest the good people of our county reject the extreme views and policies of these zealots.  They are destroying America and now they are weaseling into our wonderful county.  We must meet them on the fields of debate and expose their extremism.  After 160 years of relative peace and country life, these people are coming here to upset our way of life with their political extremism.  Our county is under siege and I believe it is scaring off good people from coming here to live and work.

HERE is the link to those extremists.


  1. Pelline apparently supports hate speech as long as it is against the tea party or conservatives. Any wonder why that fellow is a small marginal player in the local scene? A reader saw an article on Pelline's blog where he excoriates the Union's George Boardman for calling for the nutty Linda Campbell's resignation from the School Board. Of course the leftwingnut Pelline can't help himself and tosses me and others into his hate filled diatribe. But that is OK, I believe even nuts like Pelline have a right to criticize.

    The difference between Pelline and the rest of the community (except for the two or three nuts that post comments on his blog) is we do not seek "death to the right!" He and his ilk would rather have this Campbell woman in a position of authority over our children than a conservative posting a comment letter in the local paper!

    The Campbell email was anonymous to begin with so the Tea Party members had no idea it came from Campbell. The tone of the email frightened these Tea Party women and they reported it to the police. Pelline says that is an "overreach" I guess. And this is from a man who calls the Sheriff and reports that I linked to his FaceBook page! So in Pelline's view of Campbell, he will or is becoming a bosom buddy with her and is wrapping his arms around her a a Trustee! I say she disqualified herself and I find total agreement with Boardman that she should immediately resign. She is bad for the community and her position of trust was compromised.

    1. Aww toddie , when you said I was wrapping my arms around dear ms cambel I was shocked that you would say something so nice about me! With my tiny hands and tyrannosaurs arms along with my manly chest (60DD) I cant wrap my arms around anything other than a fork! LOL

    2. I once knew a guy who was so big he his two cheeseburgers in the folds of his flab! I think he inspired Mike Meyers as "Fat Bastard" with MiniMe falling out of his folds. LOL!

    3. Hey I resemble that remark.

  2. Make that THE FUE.


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