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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hillary Clinton, my goodness, is this the best the emocrats can do?

I am fatigued.  I am so disappointed in the democrats of this great country.  Once that party put forth people such as John Kennedy, FDR and even Jimmy Carter as their leaders.  Carter, though a terrible Executive, at least has ethics and morals and in my view was honest.  Now we have the likes of the democrat Hillary Clinton, wife of a fallen past President, and that seems to be the best the bereft party of democrats can put forth.

Day after day we get new disclosures about Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It appears their "non-profit" is raking in  hundreds of millions of dollars over the  tears.  As they got those "contributions" they were seemingly paving the way for some "pay for play" with the donors. A lot of the "contributions" came in while she was Secretary of State for America!

Countries where women are relegated to slavery, with no civil rights and even death by stoning,  have sent a gazillion bucks to the Clintons.  I ask you "what the hell is that all about"?  How can a woman running for President who uses her ovaries as her draw for the female vote take money from countries who oppress women?  Is that not a issue to be discussed ad nausea by the political class and the "feminists"?  Apparently not.

It reminds me of Bill Clinton taking advantage of a young female intern half his age and getting serviced by her in the Oval Office.  Here the feminist movement could have stood up for the young intern being abused by Clinton and his power (and defending the sanctity of marriage).  Did they?  Nope.  They said they would gladly allow Clinton to be serviced orally by them as long as he was for "abortion rights".  Wow!  Now there is some brilliant and moral people eh?

So Hillary seems to not care either.  As long as she gets the money, who cares where it comes from?  She is what I would call, a Lewinsky-ite person.  Instead of servicing orally though she is promising something else, access!  Glad to service those people for money and power.  At least Lewinsky did it for "love"!  So millions of "feminist" women will dutifully vote for Hillary simply because she has or had, ovaries.  The veracity of a person who will become the most powerful person on the planet boils down to that.  My goodness!

America at least has a number of people of the Republican party running for the same office.  Some "talking heads" in the media call them "clowns" and emerging from a "clown car".   What a load of crap.  America allows anyone to run for office that qualifies by age and that should be heralded by the media.  But, the denigration of the candidates, simply because a lot of them want to run is widespread.  The media wants to diminish the candidates and that is because they favor Hillary Clinton.  My goodness, there are a number of Governors and Business executives running who at least have accomplished important things for their country.  What the heck has Hillary accomplished?  She could not even answer her famous 3AM call when national security needed her and our Grass Vally born Ambassador to Libya was murdered along with three other Americans.

Look at her record!  Nothing there!  From her HillaryCare fiasco to her New York State Senate run.  Heck she was a carpetbagger to that seat.  Where are all those liberals who complain about carpet bagging politicians?   No, there really is nothing that qualifies Hillary Clinton for the highest office.  No Executive experience, failed policies as a "first wife" and a enabler to a philandering husband.  Along with this Clinton Foundation "pay to play", I must ask again.


My answer is NO!  Dump Hillary and get an honest person in the running.


  1. I don't know if you've read Peter Schweizer's book "Clinton Cash." It makes it clear why Hillary's still an important figure in America's political scene. Husband Bill is a mover and shaker in the new world order. The book reminds me of an international political Mafia. I think the Benghazi event was a red flag to look at what's going on. Anyway, this book explains a lot of things that bothered me. Real interesting. BMW

    1. I have seen him interviewed numerous times and my guess is he has it right about the Clinton's.


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