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Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Progressives" are really not progressive but "regressive" in America

I watched a "press conference" of self proclaimed "progressives" on Tuesday in front of the US Capitol.  Put together by Mayor DeBlasio of New York City it was a great show highlighting the "grievance" industry in our country.  I listened to speaker after speaker complaining about "Income Inequality".  Many other listed their complaints then signed the "agenda".  Politco called this "agenda" the liberal's "Contract on America".   I shook my head in disbelief that these people could even speak as negatively as they were.

HERE is a new story from Tuesday the 12th of May. HERE is another. HERE is the "press conference" which lasts a little over 16 minutes on CSPAN.

My goodness, according to the leaders of unions, some Mayors of cities and other non-profit whiny groups, America is just a rathole filled with thieves and exploiters of the "poor" and "incarcerated".  The agenda of these liberals belongs in the old USSR and the present day Cuba or North Korea.  This manifesto of grievances and their suggested fixes would put our country back into Zimbabwe status in my opinion.

If I am not mistaken, every single person speaking and signing this "agenda" were from big cities and were politicians.  Many were politicians of color.  Standing behind DeBlasio was Charlie Rangel (tax cheat) and other New York City Congressmen.  They spoke about this agenda and never once said they were a part of the problem.  Are these people like Rangel and the Mayor of Oakland, California  the problem?  Yes they are but like all those in the blame and grievance industry they never take responsibility for their place in the problem.  Hell, Rangel has been in Congress for what? Fifty years?  His solutions are where?  I can't seem to find them.  But like a good butt kisser, Rangel is there singing the praises of DeBlasio and his "agenda". 

Here in America we take pride in letting everyone speak their piece.  No matter how nutty, right or left.  But these liberals are just plain goofy!  It is no wonder that even the most partisan democrats reject these people and their attempts to turn America into Albania. (Even Obama passed them by)  Well, not all democrats since Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut was there.  There were a few others from Congress and all from cities.  Also, the union movement representatives spoke and according to them America is just a terrible place, unfair to all but the CEO's!  I heard a few speakers whine about the cost of a college education but not a word the money goes to their brethren Professors and administrators who own all the positions!  The solution to higher education is more wealth transfer from working people to the students!

These liberals talked fondly of the "movement" to get 15 bucks an hour as a minimum wage!  When they do that you know these people have not a clue about how economics works. ( Heck why not 100 bucks!).  While railing against the current level of the minimum wage, these people on the left disregard the fact the people on the wage have a job!  We all have to start out somewhere.  The goal is to go higher and higher but these liberals want to be given the top spot right out of the gate! Just because!

Some of the speakers claimed that the country started down the hill of "income inequality" when Ronald Reagan was elected!  They harped on that a lot.  But as we know, the economy was in the tank caused by their guy, Jimmy Carter and Reagan pulled the country out of that malaise.  Millions of jobs were created and the middle class was doing great.  But liberal policies started to infiltrate the governments at all levels, even down to "dog catcher".  The results are businesses said adios and went elsewhere.  Thousands, if not millions of new laws and regulations have stifled the country.   (166,000 pages in 2013 alone in the Federal Register).  Most by liberal "do-gooders".  Just go into any lunch room in an business in America and you will see the four walls plastered with the rules!  I am amazed we are not in a total depression!

Mass incarceration is now a biggie for these liberals.  Of course none of them have been mugged or murdered by a thug so they have no personal experience in surviving attacks.  All the victims in America, made so by those incarcerated may have  different view of where those inmates should be.  But the democrats and the liberals are mining for voters.  Why not let all those inmates become democrat voters?  That is what it looks like to me.  Also, the illegal immigrant lobbyists were there and I think it too is their attempt to gain democrat voters.  These people are really transparent but they think they are smarter than us and we will not be paying attention I guess.

Overall, my impression of this DeBlasio press conference was simply a platform for a Presidential run.  I say GOOD!  I would like to see American voters (everyone actually) get a good view of these nuts.  If the new media does not shrink from their reporting (PC crapola) then my guess is the people of this great country will toss these liberals into the pit of forgotten political movements.  Along with the Peace and Freedom Party, the Green Party and the Whigs.  The policies the "progressives, AKA, Liberals,  are so out into the ozones they will never get any traction.  But it is America and though they are nuts, DeBlasio etal get to spout off.  It is at least good for a laugh.


  1. Your article was very true and good Todd. It's pretty obvious that you've been paying attention. BMW

    1. Thanks. I couldn't believe that the FUE of our local paper moderates off anyone he dislikes (which is almost everyone) from his blog. And he is the poster boy now for anti-speech. Very sad.

  2. This postr boy is so sad, he will not be here as long as this dislike is continue. I wish he would listen more and talk less, but Todd you are just tring to help


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