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Monday, July 7, 2014

Gary Oldman apologizes for Playboy interview. Why?

The 12 craziest slams in Gary Oldman’s Playboy interviewPC (political correctness) is once again on display.  The famous actor spoke his mind about a host of topics and apparently offended a few  PC "mafia" groups dejour. HERE are the 12 topics and jis responses to the interviewer (I just look at the pictures) and I must say, if these things can't be spoken by anyone, the we are truly screwed.

What I don't understand about PC Nazi's is  how fast they go after anyone who says something they don't like and force the person to get down on their knees and beg forgiveness.  Oldman spoke his mind and now he is asking, begging, forgiveness on every venue he can put himself.   He  defended Mel Gibson's drunken rant when he was arrested a few years ago.  I don't condone what was said by Gibson but my goodness he was a drunken fool at the time.  Everyone says stupid things while intoxicated.  We all say things we normally would not because the alcohol loosens up the brain.  So what?

Oldman usually plays parts that portray him as a mean person, a person we don't take home to meet the family.  That appears to be fine because it makes the PC crowd money I suppose.  Those investors in the movies I mean.  But speak your mind in real life and they want to run you out of the business and even out of town!  America needs to lighten up.  Free speech is sometimes not to pretty.  Look at the local left in our community and you can see how creative they are calling people names.  The left seems to be able to call the two "unprotected" groups, white males and Christians, anything they want and there is no blowback like Oldman and Gibson get.

So the liberals/left/democrats can make all kinds of sitcoms, movies and other forms of "entertainment" and call the two unprotected groups whatever they want and the special interest PC "mafia's"  never raise a finger or a lawsuit threat.  The ACLU is quiet.  The race and gender hustlers though are busy busy.  I reviewed the 12, so-called,  hot opinions of Oldman and though I may disagree with them they do not meet the outrageous test for banning them or the man who said them.  Perhaps the "protected" groups in America (and elsewhere  (Canada, UK) should lighten up and shut up.  If someone makes a fool of themselves then that says they are simply human.  I have heard much worse out of the mouths of liberals here locally and across the land then Oldman's comments.  But, he apologized under pressure so all is good (just like Elliot Spitzer, Weiner, etal) .  Another person intimated into silence.  My what a boring world the PC crowd is crerating.


  1. > PC "mafia" groups dejour

    Do you have the inside scoop on this mafia? Names? Locations? Email addresses? Do they like soup?

    We'd like to follow up on this.

    Thanks, Fink.

  2. I read his comments Todd, he comes off as a foul-mouthed idiot pig, in my humble opinion.

    1. Regardless, he has the right to say that a be called a pig.

  3. Oldman means to say, forget every bad thing I said about the Academy, now that he won an Oscar.


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