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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Democrats apoplectic about SCOTUS decisions! And other rants

My goodness, the left has once again gone to their playbook and resurrected their phony "war on women" to complain about this weeks Hobby Lobby decision.  Of course the SCOTUS was simply deciding a William Jefferson Clinton signed law but you would never know that.  It is a fundraising tool today as reported by the press.  Nothing about the veracity of enforcing a Clinton law. 

I have not forgiven Chief Justice John Roberts for his manipulation of the Constitution to find ObamaCare legal.  He used the "tax" provision of the document not the "freedom" parts.  He was wrong and it will eventually be booted as UnAmerican.  But Hobby Lobby and the others who are opposed to abortion simply used the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, signed by Clinton and unanimously voted on by the Congress.  Oops, now the left denies it. 

What this decision means to me though is maybe there is a glimmer of hope that individual freedoms are important.  If we allow the contrived legal theory that came into being using the "police powers" of government to prevail, we will never be free.  The use of the "police powers" and then the "Commerce Clause" has allowed the encroachment of government into our lives at all levels and all ages.  The power of government has grown because the use of "emotions" prevailed for so long as the measure of "right and wrong".  Logic and truth were overlooked.  Get people's emotions going and you can accomplish any deed, even dastardly ones, and make them the "law".  It has been used by politicians since the beginning of time and made into a science by politicians on the left.  Hobby Lobby executives have rights to run aspects of their company that their religious beliefs control.  Hell, how can the government get involved anyway in my view?  The government used the "police powers" they somehow gave them selves to do so.

So, no matter how you want to run your life or your company you must deal with all this interference from the government.  Go look at the lunch rooms in any business.  Placards and slogans everywhere.  Mandatory postings of a employees rights.  Nothing about their duties though.  So if you get pissed at the boss, go to the lunch room wall, get the number and call the EEOC and all the other alphabet soup agencies and stand back.  Pretty soon the agencies will demand so much you will have no job after they satisfy your complaints.  Hell, a business of a certain size in  America  can't even close their doors without government's permission!

So once in a while we get a decision from above that holds back the juggernaut of government but only for a while.  We pay bureaucrats to sit behind desks to come up with ways around any common sense decision made by rational people.  They come up with more and complex regulations and ways to tax.  We pay them to do this!  Are we stupid?  Yes!  Until we get rid of the Civil Service and government Unions we will never fix the problems.  But for a few minutes, Hobby:Lobby and some others get to run their business as they desire.  But, I bet within a short time, the liberals and the bureaucracy will be back in charge.

Government control is the goal of the liberal/democrat.  If they want to use your money to implement their agendas then who are you to get in the way?  Sure, you make the money, take all the risks and pay the taxes, but that is all you get.  We will tell you what to do, where your money goes and if you resist we will send in the IRS, EPA and all the rest.  No, we need some major overhauls of the basics here in America.  I heard the European Union has a chronic 12% unemployment rate.  Is that what we want?  I say no but in order to get the country going we need a "government holiday" in rules and regulations.  Get out of the way and let the freedom and creativity of our people prevail.  Of course we keep the cops to ensure the bad guys don't take our stuff and our lives, but all the rest I say get out of the way!

Cut the tax rates to nothing for a few years.  No capital gains.  No death tax.  No laws that are not read and signed off and then voted on by our "Representatives". (No Federal Register entries)  No excise taxes and fees placed on our telephones, cell phones, TV's and vehicle tickets.  No red light cameras. Sheesh!  Ever look at your cable and cell phone bolls?  No internet taxes.  Get out!  All those billions and trillions will be spent much better by those that earn it.  Hell the middle class has been wrecked by all this government and democrat interference.  You want a middle class?  Let them keep their money.  Pretty simple.

So there I go again.  Another rant.  Shrink the government down, get them out of everything except law enforcement.  Watch the place go gangbusters overnight.  The rest of the world will thank us.


  1. I like to watch the Doctor Cyclops movie where the people are shrinked with the Atomic Generator. Too bad we cannot put the government in the Atomic Generator.

  2. Let me ask you this TODD, if Hobby Lobby convictions and principals are so righteous and pure, why is it they purchase goods for resale and profit made in China? China has a one child policy that has forced abortions to the tunes of hundreds of million since enacted. They violate women's bodies all throughout rural China to make sure they didn't have a baby that wasn't registered. Worst of all young female babies that have been born are killed routinely.

    So F**k Hobby Lobby and their absolute immoral hypocrisy when it comes to birth control and abortions.

    Forced Abortion Statistics China

    1. So I take it you are pro-life Ben Emery? You are incensed the Chinese government has those policies so BRAVO! Another convert to our cause of life.

  3. Really Ben you treat China like it's "ONE THING"…..CHINA……and while the Chinese SOEs are problematic that's because of the….wait for it…..government. Coincidentally it's the government that established the "One Child" and forced abortion/infanticide regime. I see no reason to punish chinese businesses for the horrifying practices of their progressive government.

    If you want to be a real tit about it….and I know you do….based on your own argument Hobby Lobby can't do business in the US either….because of all the horrors that you list.

    From a letter I dashed off to Mike Shedlock (of on this very topic..

    In response to the following

    My friend Dave puts it this way:

    "Hobby Lobby is obviously hypocritical as they do business in China, a country with contraception, abortion, and even forced late term abortion accomplished sometimes by brutal means -- and where infanticide, although illegal, is also widely practiced. If they are true to their beliefs, they should pull out of China. Moreover, the whole Republican attack on contraceptives -- not abortion, but contraceptives -- is completely bewildering to me."

    If you want to apply that standard then Hobby Lobby can't do business in the United States either. After all we to are…. a country with contraception, abortion, and even late term abortion accomplished sometimes by brutal means. By brutal means I mean shoving a surgical scissors into the base of a partially delivered newborns skull to kill it before it is technically birthed. I say this as a guy who is fairly neutral on the subject of abortion. True we don't have the forced infanticide but your friend started with absolutist position.

    If they are true to their beliefs, they should pull out of China. Moreover, the whole Republican attack on contraceptives -- not abortion, but contraceptives -- is completely bewildering to me."

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Hobby Lobby provides without complaint a whole range of birth control options just not those considered abortifacients. Where in any stated republican position is a campaign against contraceptives? And I say that as not a republican.

    I think your friend Dave needs to spend less time at DailyKos.

    Agree fully with your reference to the hype surrounding the matter.

    Keep up the good work!"

    You leftys all go to a central location to get your talking points?! Shedlocks idiot friend Dave sounds an awful lot like my idiot friend Ben.

  4. Methinks that all humans are not of equal value to all humans. The further any human is from our own round of daily affairs, the less we consider the importance of its life and weal. Oddly enough, that means that American lives are more important to Americans than Chinese lives - what a concept! It was ever thus, and only charlatans try to convince us otherwise. Evolution demands it.

  5. So F**k Hobby Lobby and their absolute immoral hypocrisy when it comes to birth control and abortions.

    So much passion……so little follow through!

    1. Ben Emery has no follow through. He has the timeworn communist tricks of SLOGANEERING. That shows that he has nothing in his noggin of his own. He does, along with MichaelA and SteveF and others know naughty words. Too funny!

    2. Sometimes naughty is nice.

  6. "Apoplectic" is such a great word. We need to use that more on the Scooper to confuse the locals. I wonder if they'll think it has something to do with Revelations? Worth a try.

  7. I agree with todd, Liberals are communists


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