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Friday, June 27, 2014

Democrat Party, the lawless breed, bad for America, pay attention!

It seems as if every day we get a new edict of lawlessness from the democrat party and its leaders in the US Senate and the President.  For a country unique in the planet's history regarding the rule of law not of men, it seems we have digressed back into a "kingdom" rather than the representative Republic I though we were.  I have never seen so much disregard for the rules by the rule makers than Barack Hussein Obama and Harry Reid.   Now we see the rest of the liberal sheeple fall into line to take the last step over the "freedom" cliff.

Today we see Nancy Pelosi, the woman two deaths from the Presidency just a few years ago, traipsing down to the border (not the restaurant) to say hello to her future constituents and voters.  She wants to make happy with all the little chillin tossed across the Mexican border by the Mexican officials.  It looks like most of these chillin are from Central America and their parents could give a rat's ass about their safety.  How did these little munchins make it the hundreds and hundreds of miles through the drug lord infested hinterlands of our southern neighbor?  Hell they can't drive, they are mostly little tiny kids and they had no money.  Yet they made it here and came across our border to become "refugees"?  Who helped them?

We Americans are pretty forgiving people, well at least the conservatives are.  Liberal carry lifelong grudges and they never pass up an opportunity to get even when they are shown to be wrong or exposed as idiots.  We on the right know we make mistakes and then shake it off and move on to bigger and better things.  But ever since we conservatives started the alternative media outlets so we could at least here our point if view, the left has done their best to stifle the contra we tell.  But over the last few tears we have seen America turn center-right and this was the last straw for the liberal/democrat party comrades.  When they had to debate their ideas they found out quickly that they lose with the people.  What to do?  They became "lawbreakers" to get their way. (Use the FCC to squelch dissent as well or give up our internet hegemonic ownership)

 I first saw this in California when Attorney General Jerry Brown chose not to defend Prop 8 in court.  Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger also was to blame, but it was Brown who broke the law and the trust of the people on that issue.  The consequence for lawlessness though was nothing.  The press never challenged him because they are in Jerry's undies, kissing his ass.  They are simpatico so why would we expect criticism?

When I saw that Prop 8 non defense strategy, I knew it would spread across the land and be picked up by liberals everywhere.  If there are no consequences to breaking the law or not enforcing it, why not?  The press, with few exceptions nationally, is lefty.  These liberals are their friends.  Hell they marry into each others family and the incest for each other is evident in every story they write.  How could they press a challenge to their own sister and brother when they are married to them?

When I saw the "sanctuary" city BS going on here in San Francisco and elsewhere I knew we were in for a long ride.  Then Obama picked up the idea and made America a "sanctuary" country!  Not enforcing immigration rules, allowing illegals to stay, paying the bills of these illegals with debtor American dollars by the billions.  I saw Obama and the liberals sue Arizona and win for goodness sakes!  Then the poor border states, California included, get stuck with taking care of these people from across the planet.  Our kids and our people sacrifice through higher taxes the subsidy of these future democrats.  But Pelosi will go greet them.  She will charge the taxpayers for hr travel and staff to greet these little ones.  She won't ask how they got here of course.  All she sees is future yes boxes on ballots for the left.  Shameless.

Of course this lawlessness goes right down the line into all the federal executive departments and America is now close to becoming a "banana republic" just like Panama was in the years past.  King Obama will issue more edicts and his minions in charge of the IRS, EPA and all the rest will do their dirty work.  Americans will however get to a point of non compliance when they feel all this law breaking personally.  When the "carbon tax" is foisted on us and our electric bills, gasoline purchases and heating oil bills skyrocket.  When the tomato costs five bucks and the steak twenty.  But like all smart tyrants Obama and his lackeys, dressed in suits and shiny shoes, not drab olive colored fatigues and jack boots, start sending Americans to the "camps" for reeducation, they will be mostly compliant.  Why?  Because no one would ever expect those things to happen in this country of free men and women.  Why, it just isn't possible that that could be. 

One only needs to read history to see the possibilities.  My only hope is that when the dissidents/skeptics  are rounded up and put into the camps for reeducation (oops, that is our public schools, sorry) that they are gentle.  Hopefully they won't be the Khmer Rouge, Mao's minions, or Stalin's pals.  Those people murdered 100 million of their own citizens.  The ones that would not comply or agree to be reeducated.  When Eric Holder comes for your guns, when the EPA comes and takes your property, when the military sans the "Posse comitatus" occupies your home under "martial law", then maybe everyone will start paying attention.  Hopefully before all those things happen.

I am still an optimist about the American people and their spirit of freedom and individual importance.  I am only pointing out that the demise of our country under these "mini-tyrants" can either be the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning of a renewed sense of American exceptionalism.  Protect it or be relegated to the dustbin like every other government that came before and failed.  Fight for your personal importance and that of this great country.  Lawlessness by our public servants is unacceptable.  Speak up, fight back, don't be a sheeple.  Liberals./democrats are liars and untrustworthy at best. Long live the Republic!


  1. “I am still an optimist about the American people and their spirit of freedom and individual importance”.

    Well Todd, I’m glad you are still an optimist but it ain't lookin’ too good these days. A friend of mine said not long ago “America is already lost, we just don’t realize it yet”.

    The tidal wave of liberalism has taken it’s toll and there is no turning back. The reasons could fill volumes but here are just a few;

    EDUCATION - We stopped teaching the basics 30+ years ago

    FINANCE - Money has become the final, ultimate god in America

    SOCIAL - Anything goes, anything. Remember the lyrics “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with”? That is not sound advice for dozens of reasons

    CRIME & PUNISHMENT - The revolving door keeps feeding a system that has been broken for years. We keep locking people up in prison who don’t belong there and releasing the ones that do

    WELFARE ~ The Ultimate Drug

    IMMIGRATION - It is now obvious the entire subject is a joke

    POLITICS - Totally void of any reasonableness. Hard to tell a conservative from a liberal these days, they are in 24/7 campaign mode

    This list barely scratches the surface. It has taken decades to get where we are today and would take a miracle to fix all the wrongs. The “common good” is dead because of a lack of commonality (there is no common sense anymore) and an overwhelming apathy that leads to a slow death.

    We are witnesses to that death Todd.

  2. Now Mike, I know there are tough things but we are fighters. Hell, you were a cop an a great welfare fraud investigator. You know we have to be diligent. But when I get down sometimes about the country I realize we are one election away from a re-emergence to greatness. Reagan brought us back from the brink of Carter and we will have someone do that for us again when Obama is gone.

    Don't despair my friend.

  3. Reagan did not have the obstacles we face today. Look at how far we have gone down the ugly path since he left office. I usually am not in despair because I personally look to a higher authority but that's a subject for a different time.


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