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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Congressional Black Caucus, the CBC (etal), is/are a racist organization(s)

If America is to realize all its greatness the people of the country must put pressure on organizations that are racially divisive and and ungrateful like the CBC.  Of course there are others like La Raza (the race) populated by south of the border people, many not legal Americans.  Then we have others who have some sort of grievance against the country and it usually is against "white" people, and I don't mean "white Hispanics" as the lamestream media tried to make mainstream.  A story today highlights the dangers of races  trying  to "balkanize" our country.

HERE is the latest outrage against the country perpetrated by the CBC.  The want more "minority" judges and are upset with the Obama Administration for not pushing more.  Say what?  Is this some sort of "affirmative action" for law?  Apparently.  I want the most qualified Judges, not one sitting on the bench because of his color.  Same with a surgeon wouldn't you agree?  Why would we put people the CBC wants on the bench who have chips on their shoulder about the "white" people of the country?  The law has to be blindfolded.

America should have been way past these divisions.  In my lifetime I have seen the reality of President Eisenhower sending in the troops to make sure blacks can go to schools in the south.  I have watched the results of Brown v BOE and the changes the laws brought to equal rights and school attendance.  Separate but equal is gone, we are supposedly all Americans and we are judged by the content of our character, not our skin color.  But that only applies to all races except whites.  It seems we are judged by the color of our skins.  That is not  right.

I was raised in little Nevada County and other than one family of black people and some Latino families, it was a "white" county.  I was raised by parents that never said a disparaging word about any other race.   I was not instilled with a racist bone in my body.  I got to experience the similar ties of Americans of all colors when I moved away.  People are people and most have the same desires to succeed.  I learned that up close and personal.  I was friends with people whose skin color was different than mine,  We all got along fine.  No one was trying to succeed over the bodies of someone else of a different color.

Then we saw the rise of the "race hustlers".  Mainly black and Hispanic activists along with some guilt ridden white liberals.  We see what these whiners have done to our country.  Rather than bringing us together the activists have enhanced the differences.  mainly racial.  The CBC is a perfect example of this striving for difference.  I reject them.  They should disband and be Congressmen and women for all Americans.  But they can't.  They want to keep the differences going so they can get re-elected and attract the money from the "hustlers".  This is really bad for America.

Of course people can assemble in any way they want under our Constitution so these divisive people can do exactly what they are doing.  But it is not good for the country, their constituents and them.  Success in our capitalist country means you are color blind.  Sell your goods and services to anyone and then you may be able to succeed.  The CBC and their hustlers want something different though.  They want to take from the successful and give to the takers of society.  Liberals of all colors have that goal.  Is is now evident with a 17.5 trillion dollar debt and a huge yearly deficit. Their goals have succeeded and the country is teetering on the edge of insolvency.  But I say why would they do this? What advantage is there to keep the nation's people divided along racial lines?

Revenge?  Jealousy?  Some distorted view of fairness?  Who knows.  At the heart of these people is anarchy in my view.  Maybe if there is anarchy they might rise to the top and be in charge?  They are in charge as they have a half black, half white man as President.  He control 1/3 of the country's government.  The Executive is in charge of implementation of all the laws.  They have their power yet they are still unhappy to their core.  I believe they need a psychotherapist to help convince them they have achieved their goals.

America is a "melting pot" and though we have people of different colors, we should all get behind the righteousness of America. If all the efforts were combined to make the place peaceful and of one mind to succeed, America would last many years.  The infighting of the Hatfields and McCoys is destroying the place.  It has now become an unfair country with high taxes, regulations and government power.  Who wins with that?  Even the CBC and the others will lose when it comes to big government.  No privacy, Stasi type snooping of even our most private thoughts and communications, all this will be brought down on all people, not just black or white or brown.

We need to unite under the Constitution and treat each other with respect and caring.  No person is better than any other.  It is the environment of failure perpetrated by those that thrive on racial divisiveness and hate.  Disband the CBC, disband the La Raza, (voluntarily of course) and get rid of the EEOC and the NLRB (among many).  Get America back on track to success.


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