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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amnesty kaput for now

Speaker John Boehner today told the country the House would not proceed with any "reform" bill for immigration.  I say HOORAY!  HERE is a article and video.  I was scratching my head for the last few months on why the leadership of the Republicans would push anything like this immigration stuff.  The democrats are on the ropes.

ObamaCare is a mess and is self destructing every day.  It is a flaming tire around the necks of all the democrats running for re-election and even election.  The R's can't rest on their laurels about how it is totally screwing all Americans though.  The R's need to keep the heat on to counter the love fest of the national media to protect its favorite son, Barack Obama.  So I and many others wondered why the leadership would hand the democrats a deflection by shooting themselves in the foot!

Illegal immigrants should return home, then apply to come back legally.  They could then do what most have done over the years to become a citizen.  Go through the process.  There is no need for "reforming" the system.  It works fine if enforced by the authorities.  So here we have a potentially great year for the R's to take back the Senate and keep the House and we were told up until today that something had to be done on immigration.  Many of us yelled loud and long and said please use your common sense.  Do not deflect the nations attention (to a willing lamestream).  Please stay the course of letting the people of America experience the bending over and grabbing their ankles with ObamaCare.

So, thank you John Boehner.  I see today that Eric Cantor has a primary opponent and the person 's reason?  Immigration!  Maybe some of these people need a challenger to wake them up about what the base of the Party really wants.  I like Cantor and I like Boehner.  But sometimes you have to smack them upside the head to get them to listen.  Looks like maybe they did this time and for that, perhaps we can take back our country in November.

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