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Friday, February 14, 2014

Extremist Label? I'll take it. Read On.

The local lefty blogger is orgasmic in his desire to label people.  So, what the heck, I have been called every name in the book by liberals and "extremist" is simply the most tame.  But that is the style of liberals who try ad change the vernacular to suit them and their ideals.

Gay used to be a word used for a fun time by all.  Heck it defined a whole decade in the 1890's.  Now it means a homosexual man.  How did that happen?  "Deniers" is a later one.  If a person did not accept the hoax of "global warming" they were labeled as "deniers".  Now, with most of the country under a terrible winter, this all seems rather ridiculous.  There are others but the libs are undaunted in their quest to mis-direct and mis-inforn.  Orwell would nod his head in agreement when word's meanings were changed.  The propagandists of the left have a bottomless pit of alternative descriptions and definitions.

I was asked to peruse the liberal's blog and lo and behold, the premier "cut and paste" fellow, Steve Frisch found a quote from a book written by a fellow named Tim Duane.  Now this Duane character came to town during the General Plan fiasco during the 90's.  He was invited by our local liberal politicians but Duane always denied that.  I was interviewed by him (others from Oregon too) and he placed many of my comments in his book.  The book was about the landuse wars and his position was in favor of more and more regulations.  Anyway TheFrisch found this quote and I must say, I had forgot it.  But it is as true today and my positions expressed are still mine today.  You all can decide if they are true and have been practised by the government and the eco groups.

So Here is the quote from Dyane's book   I stand by it today.

“The Cold War may be over between the United States and the now defunct Soviet Union, but the battle for freedom and democracy continues for Juvinall in the Sierra Nevada foothills. “The eco-socialists are part of a larger movement,” he says, “which includes the environmental movement, that has attempted to destroy the principle of individual rights. The policies enacted by these earth worshipers are enmeshed in every aspect of our lives. Over time it becomes easier to control citizens through higher taxes, fees, assessments and other exactions.” He then quotes from a article in Ecosocialist Review that calls for people to “identify themselves as planetary citizens,” adding that when you identify yourself as a planetary citizen, you must give up your national identity along with the rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.” Juvinall then puts a conspiratorial spin on the relationship between local land use planning, the planetary “socialist agenda” and the complete loss of individual rights. “These attempts at planetizing us are being accomplished through the land use process. They know that local government is the easiest place to accomplish their agenda. Using ‘greedy developer’ large landowners, and the desire for open space and wildlife as their springboard they hope to convince us to become planetary citizens. Local general plans, bio-regional plans, regional governance (with attendant regional planning) become justified mechanisms to them because "they are not concerned about individuals. ”

 Look all around you.  See the thousands of laws and regulations passed by the liberal politicians on just about all aspects of your lives.  If I was wrong about things why did they pass another 100,000 laws and rules to control you?  Look at all the problems they have with the XL Pipeline?  Or fracking?  Timber salvage? How about the locking up of our prime energy laden lands by Obama and here, Jerry Brown.  Even the California Coastal Commission is trying to regulate the "waters" of the USA past the state's jurisdiction.  Look at the Tahoe fascist regulations. Or the use of the 3 inch Delta Smelt as a way to use the ESA and deny our farmers their water.  It is all happening and will keep happening until there is a cutoff of the free money.  Congress and the Legislature have to deny "grants" of our taxpayers money (bonds too) to groups and organizations whose purpose is to take our individual and congregate rights away.

Look at the loans and grants in just the Department of Agriculture's budget.  Billions are given away to prop up these eco thieves who would not survive on their own.  I urge our Congressmen and anyone else who has the power or possibility of power, to stop this destruction of America by people I accurately identified many years ago.


  1. If extremism means asking government to balance a checkbook like every family in America, then I am an extremist.

  2. Thanks so much Todd. You were always one of the sensible good guys who obviously recognized the destroyers during the war within. BMW

    1. Thanks BMW, I really appreciate that. Unlike the FUE and theFrisch, I did things because I believed in them and not for any fame or glory. That is the true satisfaction. At least I was able to get a few things done for the people over the years.

  3. You are a great American, Todd. don't let anyone tell you any different.

  4. Todd,

    Since Jeff doesn't feel the need to publish my comment in regards to the "George Boardman" debacle over on his blog, I will repost here:

    The only larger travesty than The Union’s use of George Boardman, is your “beating of a dead horse” in regards to the overblown Ackerman scandal. Rather than belittle The Union’s business model, perhaps speak towards the benefits of your magazine. It is nothing less than poor salesmanship when your biggest sales pitch is only negative words toward a competitor. In regards to your magazine, I call recall an issue a few years back in which you published multiple outdated and unauthorized ads from local non-profits, just to fill page space (seems a little “Enron-ish” to me in regards to your motive for doing this). I could provide a specific examples, should you feel the need to challenge me on this assertion. I have to say that your blog does serve a purpose here locally, by attracting needed attention to local vendors that support our economy. But do keep in mind that The Union’s advertising prowess (which although finite, is still undoubtedly larger than yours) serves a purpose by allowing many fine local businesses to grow and prosper. By denigrating The Union and demeaning its “aging” (your words, not mine) subscriber base, you are in some form personally attacking the clientele served by these businesses. Truth be told, your issue with The Union is less of you being a self appointed watch dog, as your rants serve only to soothe the personal grudge you have with The Union."


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