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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Niners gyped again by the referees, 23-17

It was an exciting game and well played by all.  But the Seattle Seahawks had a another weapon to defeat our 49ers today.  The referees.  I have not seen such a lousy bunch since the replacements a couple of years ago.

These referees should be given their termination papers and the NFL would do better with some of our local high school officials.  They take the fun out the game for one thing an their unfairness was really evident today.  The Seahawk's secondary was mugging the 49er receivers on almost every place yet no calls.  Then when a 49er defender grazed Seahawk quarterback Wilson with his shoulder pad it was called a helmet to helmet and a first down.

There were many errors by the referees but two stand out to me in the second half.  One was the non call for what should have neen  a fifteen yard penalty and a first down when  the 49er kicker was hit on a punt.  The defender hit his plant foot.  They called it a five yard penalty and made the niners kick again.  Atrocious.  The last one was the fumble and recovery at the one yard line by 49er Bowman (he was hurt on the play) where he maintained  possession and yet the Seahawks were awarded the ball.  I am still shaking my head on that one.  Crapola, there are nine refs for goodness sakes and they apparently are not allowed to review that play at that location! How could they not see this?

I thought Colin was great and so was the defense.  But, just as the 49ers were screwed by the referees in the last play in the 2013 Superbowl, I have come to expect this treatment.  As you recall last Superbowl, Colin threw a pass and the receiver was mugged and held and was unable to get to the ball.  NO CALL!  Then if a 49er even breathed heavily on some receiver there was pass interference.

Another great season cut short by crummy referees.  Sorry team, you were exciting and Cap was phenomenal.  You just can't overcome the added help the Seahawks received.

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