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Friday, January 17, 2014

Lone Survivor, American Seals are such heroes

I went to the movies last night to see the seven o'clock showing of the movie Lone Survivor. Clip in link.  It was a very well done movie and the New Mexico locations were quite beautiful.  The movie is based on the book of the same name and was authored by the last survivor, Marcus Luttrell.  His survival was almost unbelievable.  His three fellow Seals were lost.

The movie starts off by developing the characters and the Afghanistan war is the place.  There mission was to capture a well known Taliban leader who had killed many of our Marines.  A fire fight developed and it looks like the four Seals must have killed at least 100 Taliban soldiers.

In the end the movie showed that there are anti-Taliban citizens and they helped Marcus escape and survive.  Even to their own deaths fighting the invading of their village by the Taliban.  It was very touching when Marcus was then rescued by his fellow soldiers and his goodbyes to the village elder and a little boy.

I have heard that the left in our country is calling this movie one of racism and hegemony by the USA.  What a crock of shit.  There are black, Asian and Hispanic Seals and you can see them for yourself in this flick.  All Seals have a bond of brotherhood, regardless of color.  The American Seals treat the Afghans they capture with respect and eventually release them. (that is how they are discovered).

I would suggest every Amerocan see this movie and then you all can celebrate the bravery of these men.  God Bless the men who did not come back.  Rest in Peace brave Americans.


  1. Thanks for mentioning the movie. We're always glad to hear about a good one. When you think of what these young men face all over the world, and those in our government so out of touch in their safe places here at home. A close relative of ours was Ambassador to Afghanistan. He's been with the State Dept. beginning with Nixon. One time I made sure he got to tell us what it was like. His wife was surprised because most people weren't interested. When they lived in Kabul, Afghanistan he said it was going through the difficulty of many civil wars and contrasting cultures. During their stay there, his wife described living in the Embassy as being much like living here. However, his world was quite different. When he left that safe place to visit the provinces, he put on his bullet proof clothing, got into an armed vehicle protected by guards. Sometimes they would take a different route to make sure it was safe. One time a bomb went off just outside of the Embassy. Kabul's higher altitude provides a fairly mild temperature compared to where many of our soldiers were deployed in the desert where the temperature reached 140 degrees and the dust was about six inches deep. Todd, I don't have a very good attitude regarding Congress and Presidents who put our soldiers in harms way, but don't back them Benghazi. Sounds like the movie's a winner showing what they go through. We have another acquaintance whose son was a Special Forces guy who quit when Clinton was elected, because he didn't want to have to watch his back too.

    1. Thanks for the story and I totally agree about the military. Though I never served I have always respected my dad's service and all the other men and women as well. Obama could not work out the legal issues with Iraq on our exit and we see what happens. Al Queda is back and in force. When they team up again with the monsters called the Taliban, all the world wioll see how barbaric these Islamic thugs are.

  2. I also just finished watching the movie and while searching google about the movie, I came by this site. I'd like to express that the movie was really great to watch and emotional at the same time, it's hard to imagine what they've been going through and makes me want to appreciate the navy more. The movie also gave a message that not all people are the same (The afghani who helped Marcus at the end and his tribe) Although the movie was exaggerated a bit, it was great to watch. :) Great post you mad there.
    I made a review abut it myself, do check it out thanks.

    1. Thanks for the review. We owe our soldiers and sailors a lot.


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