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Monday, January 20, 2014

Chris Christie gets a dose of liberalism. UPDATED 01-21-2014

 When U worked in the State Legislature for some months back in the 90's I learned some things by observation of  state politicians.  In a nutshell, no one trusted the other side for anything.  The Republicans got a one vote majority in the Assembly in the November 1994 election.  As soon as the Assembly was sworn in, Willie Brown had already picked off a woman from Orange County, Doris Allen,, and kept his speaker-ship in 1995.  Plain old hard nosed politics.

Well, I was Chairman of the Nevada County Republican Central Committee and we organized a "recall" of the woman.  I traveled down on election day and went door to door.  We booted her ass out and felt great.  Then Willie picked off another R from Fresno, Brian Setencich, a fellow who no one liked.  He too met the same fate if I am recalling correctly as Doris.  Finally the Republicans ended up with a one vote majority and got to run the Assembly for one year.  That was it and the next cycle the democrats regained the Assembly and have held it since.

Working there the year the R's held the Assembly taught me you cannot trust a democrat or a moderate Republican.  You cannot depend on a democrat or a RINO (republican in name only) for a vote on most anything squishy.  Both democrats and RINO's are the reason the state is in such a mess.  When they exert power, power of the majority,  they take no prisoners.  They do not pretend to even like you.  They will sell out their momma to get their way.  I learned that up close and personal under the dome.

To accomplish his job, Christie made sure the "visuals" and the "words" were of a non partisan nature.  He even hugged Obama when he came to New Jersey after hurricane Sandy. That was right before the Presidential election of 2012 and angered a lot of people across the Republican spectrum.  I knew it would come back to bite him on the ass and it has.  His "bridge" over troubled water, the contrived scandal, and now the latest "scandal" by another woman democrat Mayor, has got the press and the democrats in orgasmic mode.  All his attempts to make peace with the left and the press are now meaningless.  They really never liked him at all.  All they needed was a reason to attack and on schedule, they have.  Relentless and mean.  The man now gets to see the error of his allegiances.  Sorry to say that this lesson in democrat intentions  and  the press are something even I, a lowly little local official, figured out many years ago.  You cannot have a relationship of trust with a devil.  The press and the democrats are the modern day examples of "a devil".
Where is Obama now in his defense?

So we now have a on the ground, national example of what I am talking about.  Governor Chris Christie .  I like the man except for a couple of his positions on social issues and maybe a Second Amendment view.  He was elected in a large majority democrat state and was reelected overwhelming last November, 2013 *his predecessor John Corzine was a democrat crook).  He was tough, a no nonsense man but he was able to portray himself, with his actions, as a New Jersey man first and a Republican second.  He crafted policies to get things in his high tax state under control.  Democrats saw that he was popular and they jumped on board his train.  Things got done.  Christie's speeches were always about "bi-partisanship" and how his state was prospering because everyone was a friend and they were all singing "Kumbaya" together.

HERE is the latest contrivance by a democrat against Mr. Christie.  Of course the democrats and the press believe it is the "allegation" that is more important then the truth.  The allegation will be beat to death and when the truth exonerates, they will post a comment on page 34 in "four font" in the bottom left hand corner.  In the meantime, they will trash the man relentlessly in an attempt to drive him from office.  What a great way to elect "Hillary" right?

So it goes, never trust the press, they always are for the left, and never trust a democrat.  If anyone had any doubts about who is the real culprit in the dissension in America, just follow Christie and ye shall see. It is the power mad left and the scumbags in the lefty press.

UPDATED 01-21-2014

I watched and listened to most of Governor Christie's inaugural speech this morning.  He did not speak of the democrats who are lying through their teeth trying to bring him down.  I was proud of his speech and he showed me he has the mettle to deal with the Hillary gangs.  I think he will come out of these attempts to destroy him much stronger.  All these lies by the liberals will backfire amd rightly so.


  1. You should be happy. With the corrupt NJ Governor losing any hope of the nomination, it frees up uniters like Ted Cruz or Ricky Santorum for Pres! LOL! Best of luck there.

    1. You have proof he is corrupt? Of course you don't. That is like me sayiomg Obama took the trillion in tax money called it some sweet mane then paid off pensions for his pals. But I would not say that. You libs are a disgrace on the body politic.

  2. I'll never forget the democrat assembly woman who voted on a bill the way her constituents wanted...contrary to the what the California democrat party wanted. They were so angry they kicked her out of the capital building to an office across the street.

    1. When Willie Brown was speaker he had hegemony over all the rules regarding the office spaces allocated in the Capitol. Whenever he was pissed at someone he would shuffle their offices and give them the "closet". Those democrats are just mean jerks.


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