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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tea Party Party Last Night, my guess, it was a big success

I was invited to the Party last night by my friend Bob White.  He and I became friends back in the mid 90's when he was appointed Planning Commissioner by District Three Supervisor, Jim Weir.  We all thought he was going to be a lefty like his appointer but he tirned out to be a very smart, pro property rights guy.  His support of property rights was quite a shock to the left and to his credit, Weir left him on the PC.

So Bob, his wife and daughter and some others sat with me at the table and we watched a fully packed building, the old senior center, erupt in song, laughter and speeches.  Congressmen Tom McClintock spoke and as usual, he did a fine job.  He reminded us of our history and gave us some updates to what is going on in DC.  I must say, the Tea Party members were very grateful that he is representing their views on most of the debt, deficit and Obamacare issues. 

Mark Meckler
Later, Tea Party founder, Mark Meckler spoke and he sounded just like I would imagine Thomas Paine sounded two hundred and fifty years ago.  Meckler is from Chicago Park here in our little county.  I think I heard him say he is now a Virginian.  He is working on the next phase of taking America back from the usurpers.  He is trying to put together a Article Five, Constitutional Convention.  He spoke at length about what those words mean in Article Five of the Constitution and how to make it happen.  He has a book coming out about all this.  (I am not as positive it is such a good thing however).  The people were ecstatic that he was in their midst and he and Tom received standing O's.

Those people at the Party seemed to me to be the salt of the earth people America has millions of.  I sat next to a retired policeman and his wife.  At the table was Bob White, a mould maker, his wife a realtor their daughter a worker in a local business and a fire fighter and his wife.  I saw many people I knew and many I don't.  They simply want the government to reduce drastically its presence in their lives, balance the budget and behave in a Constitutional manner.  Pretty simple.

All in all it was a pleasant night and I did not see or hear one liberal whining!  I bet there was not one there!  So a liberal free zone is really pleasant.  The people were friendly, the food and wine tasty and the whole evening was well run, just like America is supposed to run.  Here are some pictures I took from my camera ma.

My table mates

Mark Meckler Speaking to us all


  1. Yes Todd. This is how the Tea Party dies. 250 people showing up at a fundraiser to which everyone was invited by a single email. It was nice to see you.

    1. Good to see you and Kim as well. Yes the press and the lbs like Pelline, etal, want them to disappear. It is something they cannot comprehend.

  2. Good report Todd. I was going to give my own impressions about how such occasions give witness to the much predicted demise of the Tea Party, but your post should make the point. Now all we need is more lefties leaping in to give their next tranche of predictions.

    1. This begs the question George. Where is Occupy Wall Street? Pelline loves them. So does all his nutty posters. The Tea Party is made up of real Americans and even if it faded from view it helped bring pressure to bear to help solve issues like the debt, deficit and regulatory overreach.

    2. I think that there's a good chance all foreseeable leftwing demonstrations - especially those involving camping out, fornication, drug abuse, and sanitary excesses - will try to seek legitimacy by branding themselves as a continuation/resurrection of the 'Occupy Movement' to counter the ongoing influence of the tea parties.

    3. I was directed over to the FUE's blog to read a ditty from that nut MichaelA. A true leftwing radical. He was apparently reading your comments here and was not very nice to you. But, like all two faced liberals, they wait until you turn your back to apply their knife. Too funny.

  3. The Boston Tea Party fundraiser was absolutely wonderful! What a joyful, enthusiastic crowd. Easy to see why the speakers got some many standing ovations. A Sacramento teacher sitting next to me remarked that she'd like to invite the Samual Adams guy to speak to her class, but would probably be fired if she did.
    Anyway it was a special experience thanks to all those who put forth their time and energy.


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