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Saturday, November 16, 2013

ObamaCare is making America sick!

Day after day we get to read and hear the problems with the ACA, or the Affordable Care Act.  The little naming trick the politicos use to put sugar in the medicine of creating laws. We all know this travesty as ObamaCare.  It is the brainchild of the left in our country and was formed in trickery and unlimited power.  When the law was turned out for the American people to see and read, it was not a hit.  The people of our country, at least a good majority, said "no thanks".   But the democrats said tough and shoved it down our collective throats.

Over two thousand pages of law will turn into 100,000 pages of regulations and every word in both are a nibble at your personal freedom.  Now we all can see why Nancy Pelosi said we need to pass the law to find out what is in it.  It is communism.  Then when the Attorney Generals from numerous state sued the monstrosity, Chief Justice John Roberts showed Americans why we can't even depend on our courts for justice.  He made up a new reason to pass the ACA which was not even alleged in the Obama Administrations response to the suit!  A tax was something the US Constitution allows said the Chief.  Even though the Legislators never said it was anything other than a fine.  They knew if they said it was a tax the bill would fail miserably in the vote totals.  But the Chief saved the monstrosity and we now get to see the results.  When something is contrived in secret, contrived with subterfuge and vice, it cannot last.

I am no lawyer but I thought the SCOTUS could say "OK a tax is legal, but the mandate is not" and that would have been that.  Sure the Feds can tax the crap out of the people, but they can't force us to buy something we don't want or need.  That would have been the way to kill the beast but somehow the Chief didn't see it that way.  As we all can see to date the monstrosity is out of control and the American people are having none of it. The start to finish of WW2 was done in less time than the creation of the Obamacare website for goodness sakes!

It has been my experience that the only time people get really PO'd enough to show up to a public hearing, a march or a rally is when their personal money or property is at risk.  This is human nature I suppose.  We elect politicians to take care of the tasks of commonality and to watch our money.  Obamacare is now a part of turnout because it is mandating our personal healthcare issues and how we spend our money on ourselves.  It also gets between us and the doctors and others we have relationships with.  Two trillion bucks a year and to get some we have to bow to the masters and the "death panels".  Or we get a "tax" to keep us in line.

Americans are rebelling.  They will take this out on the rascals that did this.  They will boot them from office in the marginal districts and strengthen the power of those opposed to the monstrosity.  Of course those heavily gerrymandered districts like Pelosi's and Charlie Rangel's will not change.  Those districts are filled with the "takers" and a "free" healthcare system is their baby.  But I believe the Republicans can lose the political advantage if they let up the pressure.  Just ask any reporter making $35,000 a year who will now have to pay a fine. See if the editorial bent of their story's  protect their "messiah".  This has brought the "messiah" complex down to earth and reality.  Mess with my doctor, mess with my appendix, mess with my chemo at your own risk.

After-all, this is America and not Albania.  Americans want to pick up th phone, dial their doctor's office and get an appointment.  They want to do this quickly.  ObamaCare will force all to wait for permission from someone at the DMV.  Or is it the IRS?  There will be a come to Jesus for those that voted and supported this mess.  My only hope is the people fighting it don't screw their chance to get rid of it by making stupid mistakes.

It appears to me that this ObamaCare trumps all other issues.  Look at how the press is making it a top of the fold headline.  Now we see some attempts by Obama to backtrack some f his outrageous lies.  Keeping your doctor being the biggest lie.  In order to appear compassionate he is now by political fiat, telling the country he will allow people to keep things one more year.  Is he nuts?  This is not how America works.  We have a system to ensure a President does not have dictatorial powers and pick and choose laws he will enforce or not.  That is not the Constitutional job description.  But I think he carps allot about the rules and tries his best to circumvent them.

The valiant Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and the Tea Party members of the House are to be applauded in my view.  If Cruz had not filibustered, the press would be right there with Obama on the misinformation about the law.  Exposing the backroom deals is the press's job, but they have been AWOL for almost five years now.  Cruz forced them to write about these things.  He should be thanked for getting the message out about this travesty on American freedom.  I am hopeful as I said that the people of our country will not let this stand and they will replace the usurpers of our freedoms with people who respect and honor their posts.

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