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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Obama's poll numbers drop to 37% approval

Well, maybe the people of America are finally seeing the President as we saw him long before he was even elected.  Obama is dropping in the polls because he is being seen as the petulant spoiled brat liberal he really is.  Of course I will probably get an audit for this but we have to get the truth out no matter the consequences.  Obama is doing this to himself.  Locally there a liberal democrat Don Cooks who says in today's Union OP-ED, if you criticize Obama you are a racist.  No Cooks, we oppose his policies, I am sad for you though.

Yesterday's "press conference" ( HERE is the transcript and partial video) where the lamestream media never even asked one question about Obamacare, was the latest example of a two faced liberal.  Remember Tucson (HERE) where Obama gave a great speech on how words should be used carefully and especially inflammatory words?  Then zip forward to yesterday and we get to hear the real Obama (I betcha it is), where he used words like hostage and other inflammatory words to describe the Republicans.

The press, those well paid stenographers for Obama and the democrat party, just toss softballs to the man at every turn.  It is to protect their man, the one they tossed Hillary aside for.  The one who can say anything he wants and never receive any critical writings or followups by the sycophants.  I recall the year 2006 when George W. Bush was at 37% in the polls and the press couldn't help themselves in criticism.  Some even said he should resign!  This was also after the press beat on Bush in a daily barrage of negativity and hate.  Obama is at 37% after totally positive and fawning press for five years! Hmm.  Get it now?

The Republicans are doing the right thing by trying to stem the flow of debt and overspending.  If it takes months to achieve then so be it.  The people are now seeing the mess created and sustained by those democrat kids in the US Senate and in the White House.  John Boehner, Doug LaMalfa and the Ted Cruz's are doing the ethical, and righteous by trying to keep the country from imploding.  I say keep up the good work men and women of the Republican Party.  You RINO's better get on the train or you will be home for good after the next election.

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