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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mike and Diane Sherman doing well

Many of you remember Mike.  I met him when he came to the county way back when and he was a cop at the time.  He then went on to have his own security firm here and finally he became the Nevada County Welfare Fraud Investigator.  He and I kept a cordial relationship all these years.

Mike Sherman relaxed and waiting for the BBQ chicken
He and his wife were hired as volunteers to watch over and maintain a state park north of Fort Bragg right on the ocean.  He stays for three months and maintains it, collects the money and is generally the honcho there.  I wanted to see them since it was a couple of years and they had moved to Auburn.  I emailed and he said come on over and you can stay but bring an RV or a tent.  If not, then there is a Bed and Breakfast across the street.  HERE is the website for the Howard's Creek Ranch Inn B and B.

Sunset over the Pacific from their RV site
After a four plus hour drive over to their abode, I checked into the B and B and then went over and had dinner.  We had a nice chat, then watched the newest Rambo.  I went back to the B and B and went to bed.  No TV but a great hot tub.
Breakfast table

The setup but there are two more camping areas
Next Morning I had the wonderful breakfast in the out building kitchen/restaurant after walking across a cable bridge no less.  Plenty of food, nice conversation with the other guests and then off to explore and return home.  A great day trip.

The front room of the breakfast area

Guess what this is?


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