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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Republicans are winning for America, democrats are losing their grip on rreality

I have been watching CSPAN off anf on during this so-called "shutdown" (83% funded) and have listened to the democrats calling the Republicans every nasty thing they can from the House and Senate floors.  Today, I heard Dick Turbin, oops, Durbin, Majority leader number two, almost lose his cookies on the Senate Floor because the Republicans were offering bill after bill to fund the various parts of the budget.  I now get it.

The Republicans are offering the bills as a way of putting the democrats into a corner because their unbending ideology will noit let them compromise to anything other than a total collapse of the backbones of the Republicans so they refuse to vote individually.  Each bill is still part of the budget but what is the difference if each segment of government is voted on separately or all together as the democrats want?  I think there are many hidden parts in the CR or Continuing Resolution that the democrats are afraid to allow exposure.  So, steadfast are they they can't see the trees for the forest.

The Republicans put forth a bill a few minutes ago to fund the National Guard and other military issues.  The democrats objected and will not allow a vote.  So the strategy must be to put these democrat lovelies on record as obstructionist partisans and use these non votes against them in the upcoming elections.  I think it will work. Priceless.

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