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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Where was this man during the murdering of our Ambassador?

Source: Drudge
Anyone remember the lamestream media and the democrat party hacks screaming about those seven minutes George W. Bush took on September 11, 2001?  I do.  He was told by whisper about the attack on the Twin Towers while he was reading a children's book to a class of little chillin in a Florida elementary school. HERE is an example of the leftwingnuts hysteria,(read some of the comments under the video)

Bush said he did not want to scare the chillin so he sat through those moments and then left.  SEVEN MINUTES!  OMG!!!  Now we find that the illustrious "smartest man on earth" man in the picture above, the President of these United States, was unaccounted for for SEVEN HOURS!  This was during the attack on our Ambassador in Libya, a Grass Valley native son, and the brave men trying to protect him.

Where were you Mr. President?  Why have the rabid dog lamestream media not afforded you the same treatment for your absence of seven hours they gave to Bush for seven minutes?  Hell we at least got to see Bush in real time at the school!  These are the types of things that have made Americans reject the veracity of the press.  It is just too bad in my view.  No wonder the lamstreams are headed the way of the Dodo bird.  No one believes them and no one thinks they are fair.  We all get to see the results of a "liberal arts" college degree. HERE is the Gallup lists of professions in regards to "trust".  Journalists are way down towards the bottom. (Published in Slate).

This is what a Obama aide said in an interview and HERE is the link to this and videos.

" Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer said it's an "irrelevant fact" where the president physically was during the Benghazi terror attack on September 11, 2012:"

An the lamestreams dutifully report, errr, stenography, the responses regarding Obama and his aides.  My GOD, if there ever was a absolute contrast to the corruption of our media, this little snippet of reality is it.

Where were you Mr. President?  If you were in the "situation room" and had everything under control, then just tell us.  If you were on the golf course or watching a movie with your wife and kids, just tell us.  Or were you at a fundraiser or maybe in the arms of someone other than your wife (like JFK)?  Just tell us the truth, no bullshit.  Where were you?

Bush is still excoriated by the lamestreams and their pals the democrats  to this day for deciding not to upset those chillin in that classroom. I suppose he could have jumped to his feet, told all of them to get under their desks and rush to the jet.  Imagine what the lames would have done with that scenario.  It is just too bad that the lames are disinterested in holding Obama and the left to the same standards.  These "journalists" probably have wet dreams about helping the liberals.  Disgusting is too good a word for the press these days.  The only people fighting for the truth are AM radio and FOX News.

So come on Mr. President, tell us all, where the hell were you for those hours?


  1. Great article, Todd! The way you captured this story was brilliant. I'm just going to have to hoot and hoot and hoot all the way home from work today!

  2. Perhaps the reason that the press paid more attention to Bush than Obama was that 1,000 times more people got killed in the World Trade Center than Benghazi. Maybe not enough blood and gore for it to matter what the Prez was doing at the time, not to mention that New York is in America and Benghazi is in Libya. More people got killed in Iraq and Afganistan that day as well.

  3. Perhaps the press paid so little attention is because NO ONE CARES. Well, except the .5% of Americans who are extreme right wing Obama haters.

    It is a NON-ISSUE for the nation. Move On.

    1. You are a good example of why the country is in deep trouble Jimbo. Pathetic.

    2. Your "deep trouble" is an "encouraging future" for the majority of Americans. GOTCH politics ended with the failure of the Senate to convict the President in 2008/2009. You retrograde types haven't yet figured it out.

    3. I just don't recall a trial for the Prez in 2008-09 Jimboy. Please explain.


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