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Monday, May 27, 2013

Steve Milloy, Green Buster

I was watching C_SPAN this morning and they had a little presentation by this fellow Steve Milloy. He was speaking on topics that make me sing out in joy.  He was taking on the green industry, that some say is a 10 billion dollar scam of eco-nuts that have infected all aspects of American life.  He is in charge of a website called  The C_SPAN video is the first item on the link.

It was truly refreshing to hear someone debunking the lies of the extremist greens (now mainstream) since the lazy press has never had the guts to do it.  The Seth Borensteins of AP and his ilk are just stenographers for the Sierra Club and the rest.  Hell, The Sierra Club apparently just got 50 million buckos from that faux Mayor of New York, nanny man, Bloomberg.  Hard to compete with that kind of money.  As an aside, it was hilarious to read about the lefty uproar regarding "Citizens United" and their outrage at the 501 C-4 issues with the IRS.  Hell these eco groups get billions and the little Tea Party folks get dimes.  Too funny.

So we have the "skeptic in chief" in this Milloy fellow.  He debunks the faux science of the lefty eco's all the time.  He uses science to show what a crock of shit has been foisted on the people of the planet.  These lies from the left work their way into laws and policies and treaties we all get affected by.  He tries to stop them in their tracks so they son't get the traction to become laws.  I think if we really want to get the truth out, his position on 501 C-4's and 3's should be instituted.  Why is it a eco "non-profit" like SBC or the Sierra Club/Earth Justice, gets tax exempt status yet spends most of their time using the system to make money, pracyice politics and squash freedom?

This is Steve Milloy's educational background. (from wikipedia)

"Milloy holds a B.A. in Natural Sciences from Johns Hopkins University, a Master of Health Sciences in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, a Juris Doctor from the University of Baltimore, and a Master of Laws from the Georgetown University Law Center.[5]"
Of course his critics have nothing similar in education but rip him to shreds anyway. A cooks in  restaurants,  guitar playing hippies,  40 something failed political candidates, a ganga grower, and more just go apoplectic when this fellow speaks.

HERE is some more links for those interested in reading the debunking of lamestream eco and media. As I listened to Milloy this morning I was happy to hear he, like me and many other people across America, are all fighting for freedom. From over regulation by government and do-gooder liberals. America has a lot of people like Milloy. We have people here in our little county doing the same kind of work. People like Russ Steele, George Rebane, Greg Goodknight and many others are out there trying to keep the information flowing.

On a national scale Milloy and some others are doing their best to be the truth tellers to the lies told by the Al Gore's and Michael Moores. It is tough work and they grow weary. When eco nuts get the billions to our sides dimes, it is very hard to be heard. When "journalists" are trained by the same philosophy, liberals, in our schools (staring at 4-5 years old now), it is a huge challenge to overcome the indoctrination. But Milloy and the rest here keep trying and so it goes. It is a battle for the future and the freedoms our fathers and mothers fought for in WW2. We cannot allow the fascist eco groups, the phony "non-profit" business groups (teaching their lies) to win. America is worth doing battle for.


  1. Its actually kinda pathetic to watch the last twitching days of the miniscule anti-environment "movement" with opportunistic cats such as this. This guy really thinks he's relevant to anyone under age Based on what I know about young people and the 98% of scientists, I'll take my chances on pro-environment going forward. :)

  2. Why don't you invite him to town Todd. He might even draw a couple hundred to the event.

  3. The Revolutionary War was not too popular in the beginning. Maybe 10% of the folks were excited. We all know how it turned out don't we PaulE?

    I remember debating you liberal lovelies in the old AVM on KVMR. Maybe 20 people of the lefty ilk showed up as I demolished the three liberal panelists (one a lawyer and the fourth the MC) all by myself. But it was heard by at least 40 more listeners of KVMR. So, there you have it. What a hoot!

  4. So, you "demolished" the other panelists, did you? :) I see. What are you basing it on? Did your 2 friends listening to the radio go wild when you said "you libs are a hoot and just stupid" ?

    1. Yeah, you got it it. What a hoot. Cracks me up, you libs are to easy.

    2. Wow, you're a real intellectual juggernaut! Nearly to the level of Walt.

    3. Jen, I can sti;; ;earn things, you can never be goodlooking. LOL!

    4. I feel like the LIBS need things like tesla to make them feel great. yeah they feel this way because fracking is going to take over and they will be enjoying there energy revolution they never wanted. Take that greeners! you can't escape the fossil fuels you hate so much.

    5. Fracking may certainly NOT take over in certain states like NY and CA, where residents have a good sense of the risks. CA may allow some fracking down the road if the industry changes the way it does business. Clearly it is already there in god forsaken places like ND, OK and TX, places with Repubs who don't care much about the environment and have wacked out legislators like Ted Cruz and Imhofe. No one denies the existence of fracking and additional energy production. Same time, we see Tesla's success and more and more EVs every month being rolled out. Keeping out dirty KXL tar sands is important, as was the rejection by BC government of the pipeline to British Columbia Energy consumption per capita will be dropping all over, and thats a very good thing.

    6. Fracking is as I have written here. You are just emotional. Facts are on my side. The wacked out ;egisators are your pals running our state and the ones in the northeast. My goodness they are truly wacked. My guys and gals are pragmatic and smart.


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