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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shhh! Don't tell anyone I like the Tea Party. The IRS may be listening!

Well, here we go. I recall watching all the hearing on Watergate back in the day, I was what 23?  I was not political then but it was mesmerizing watching and listening to the Senators questioning those scofflaws.  Now, we get a similar set of hearings regarding the abuses of the IRS and a couple of other scandals.

Steve Miller IRS testimony scandal
Steven Miller, the face of evil
I actually think these things go on all the time and only when someone's ox gets gored (of important birth) do we get to see this spectacle of cleansing in government.  What truly fascinates me about all this is usually these things are scripted and so we Americans, the real people in charge, are cynically fooled.  Sometimes though we get to see the true face of that faceless bureaucrat like the Steven Miller character from the IRS.  This man is why the Founders wrote the documents as they did.  This man is truly evil.  Not in a biblical sense but in a government sense *as are his pals).  Fortunately though, the Treasury  Inspector General, Russell George,  was there and his presence did give me some comfort.  Unfortunately, the IG is a man few and far between to be found in government power.

Russell George IRS Inspector General, a hero
This Miller character was a total ass as far as I can see.  He did the usual "mea culpa" phony apology they all give when they get caught (Remember Elliott Spitzer).  It was a joke and if I was younger and impetuous I would have thrown my shoe at the TV.  I didn't of course (I just bought a 70" Vizio).  How the government treats its people is important.  I don't care if you are left or right, the government we hire is required to treat everyone equally.  But as we know, the government at all levels is peopled with men and women of a lefty agenda so the results are usually skewed against the right or conservative type folks.

This Miller character and all the other rats exposed to the light of day by this scandal should be fired immediately. All this wringing of hands, civil service bullshit protections and endless testimony of lies should be dealt with swiftly.  Miller was already quitting and Obama is totally disingenuous about his IRS pick leaving.  It only confirms what we already know.  But, the lamestreams don't report incessantly on this so the American people are shortchanged again.

The American people got to see an up close and personal view of what a bureaucrats like Miller think of them.  I am probably risking audit by writing this piece since that seems to be the way the massive and sensitive Federal Government bureaucracy thinks.  But, having been involved within government as a elected official, I can say we have done this to ourselves.  I took the position of oversight manager of the bureaucracy when I was elected.  I did not let myself become a part of the problem since I truly believed a person is elected to protect the people, not the bureaucracy.  This problem does exist at all levels of government though.  People are people and when a person (usually it matters not if it is in or out of government) get some power over others, abuse follows.  That is why when I was elected I felt it my duty to oversee rather than become a part of the government.

I recall when I was first elected and I was made aware of abuse by an employee in the department handling the eco crap.  I verified the abuse and asked that we not hire the person.  The department head said since that person was in the probation period of employment he would not opt him for the job.  That seems to be the only way you can get rid of a bad apple under civil service.  Most people though are OK and just trying to do the job the elected give them under the law.  That is the problem we have created.  We can have the best employees but they are forced to enforce crap laws.  But this Miller character and his pals in the IRS are a different story.

These scofflaws take the laws, bend them and twist the intent and words into a hammer to punish.  That is why I believe people like them must be culled from the herd and sent packing back to "realville".  The overhaul of civil service is the only way we as a people can fix the mess these evil people create.  We have to return true consequences to the actions these people create.  One public hearing from the people and if proved, boot their asses out.  We need to also stop the sideways movement of these people within the government.  We all were outraged at the Catholic Church for moving abusive padres to other jurisdictions when those men should have been tossed out and arrested.  We should not allow that in the government either.  I recall some scandals about teachers being granted the same opportunity after they were found to be doing  pedophilia with their students.

So, this is simply the latest eye opener for the American people to see what we have come too.  If we don't change some basics in how we hire our bureaucrats, how they spend our money and what consequences they should be subject to when they abuse the people, we are destined for a first class tyranny.

HERE is a online petition for anyone wanting to send a message about the IRS targeting the Tea Party.  Oh, by the way, I am not a member.

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