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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, Liberal Scofflaw, Exposed Again!

"A Herald review has found that the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate rapidly bought and sold homes herself, loaned money at high interest rates to relatives and purchased foreclosed properties at bargain prices."

 The above quote came from the Boston  Warren is proving to be your typical, do as I say not as I do, liberal.  We on the right know this fact about liberals and write about it all the time.  Having to listen to the "holier than thou" crap spewing forth from people like Warren (democrat US Senate candidate), we are always happy to expose them for the rats they are.

Warren campaigns against "predatory lenders", foreclosures and "big banks" and now we find out she is all of the above!  HERE is the full article.

Of course she appears to have done her hypocrisy in Oklahoma not in Massachusetts where her fellow citizens might be affected.  I bet she thought those Okies were fair game since she is such a highly educated "white-Cherokee (three generations removed Indian) Ivy League babe.  Hell, she even checked the box in Harvard's entry forms for Indian.  She seemed to have gained some steps on the ladder of admission and privilege claiming to be a Indian.  This is why we dislike people like Warren.  Lying and falsehoods to gain leverage in most all aspects of life seem to be second nature to people and the liberals in America.  Hell, even worldwide!

So, hopefully the people of Massachusetts will see what an empty dress this scofflaw woman is and reelect Scott Brown.  He seems to be real and his wife and daughters seem to me to be true, honest folks who don't make up a personal history to gain an advantage.  I think Warren needs to give back her profits from flipping foreclosures, maybe to the homeless shelter where the folks are now living whom she screwed.  Or maybe give back her degrees from college where she lied about her heritage.  Maybe we could regain some modicum of respect for her if she did something good for the "lower" classes she seems to take advantage of.  Well, I bet hell will freeze over before she even admits she did anything amoral or unethical.  Liberals are fast becoming a super-minority because we expose them for what they really are an regular folks just can't seem to stand them.

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  1. What is it with Progressives that make them believe they can claim anything, and people will just believe right along with them?
    Family lore passes for facts these days? Hmmmm Just where have we heard that before? Oh Ya,, Obama and his records.( or lack there of) But we are just supposed to take that at face value.
    So if that's the case, I'm a brain surgeon. Need a little work on the frontal lobe Mr. Progressive? Come on over and pay me a visit. If you can elect people like Obama and Izzy Warren, you can trust me at my word, and no need for my records ether.


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