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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mia Love, She could be the first black Republican Congresswoman

Wash. Times
I was watching CSPAN the other day and a very attractive woman was being interviewed and when I read the credit line there was a big shocker.  Mia Love, a beautiful Utah Republican, daughter of Haitian immigrants, was the GOP nominee for the runoff in November!  Well of course I had no idea Utah delegates in April (70% of the votes!)  had chosen her over a "white-bread" male, as the left refers to Caucasians.(alert too Congressional Black Caucus!)

I listened to Mia discuss issues and hell, she sounded like, OMG, me!  She is way more articulate than me and much better looking.  She is a dyed in the wool conservative and boy, can she put a sentence together.  I was jealous. HERE is a link to her website.  HERE is a Washington Times story on Mia. Read the comments too, what a hoot!

I have no idea if she has a chance in November but I am sending here some dough to help.  Her website has her telling all a little bit about herself.  I find it interesting that a daughter of immigrants from the poorest nation in our hemisphere is a staunch conservative.  Could it be she saw how bad liberalism really is?  My guess is yes.


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