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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wanda of the democrat party, here is why her party will be trounced in November 2012

I was alerted to some outrageous comments on the local lefty blog so against my better judgment I went over there and here is the comment I thought best represents the lefty blogger and his band of renown commenters.

"Wanda, on May 3, 2012 at 6:50 pm said:
This Saturday the Democratic Women’s Club is honoring it’s $1,000 scholarship winner for providing the best essay regarding the signifigance of Occupy Wall Street. A Bear River student is receiving that award. The luncheon is at Trolley Junction.
By the way, the Spring Into Action Dinner hosted by the Democratic Central Committe is Saturday, April 12 at Alta Sierra Country Club. Get your tickets at
Democrats know who they want to take the country back from. Radical right wingers who insist that small government means token government for the 1% and anarchy is for the 99%. Americans traditionaly strive to provide an America that works for everyone and that requires constant vigilance against the ideas of the 1%."

Wow, these people are certainly beyond repair as far as I read their comments.  Oh, and when ol' " Mr. Purple" gets a conservative bent commenter who use one name, there is always an admonishment.  None for Wanda (I bet they are best friends, LOL).  Anyway, I digress.  This comment from Wanda is why America is a two camp battle.  There is nothing in her comment I can agree with!  These kinds of views are not what I would call a All American view of things.  Mom and apple pie in her view are a conspiracy of the gender police/labor board and the apple supply regulators.  Mom is mad I guess.

What happened to people like Wanda's to send them so far off into outer space?  My goodness, we on the right want more freedom for the individuals, more opportunity, success and a strong society that loves the country.  What the heck do democrats want?  A handout from those who have made it apparently.  The seething envy and avarice is so apparent in Wanda's comment. 

I would have said golly Wanda, our question to the High School kids in the competition for the scholarship was about things on the plus side.  Your question for your scholarship was to justify a bunch of anarchist thugs destroying the place.  What a world view you have Wanda.  But, it is not just Wanda, she says this question for the scholarship was formed in the Central Committee apparently.  So, these lefty folks get together, sing kumbaya and come up with a question a working man or woman or a business owner would never contrive.  But they did and I bet she and they are just proud as hell.

Sorry to say America is split but readers can see why.  Read George Rebane, Russ Steele or most any other conservative blog or editorial piece and then read the left.  There is no kumbaya folks, there is just going to be a battle for the minds and hearts of Americans to judge the difference and when they do they will pick the conservative.  What a sorry bunch of people who make up the left in America.  God help them.  America wants a positive view and these sad sack leftys cannot muster anything positive.  They invented Xanax for lefty self esteem seeking people I bet.  They need to take it here in River City.


  1. Your negative blog advising a young high school student, taking an interest in government, about being positive is some advice you might consider for yourself. Without the words lefty, liberal or democrat you would be mute. One can lie outright or omit facts which might lead to unacceptable conclusions to make their point. I would like to praise Wanda for her excellent writing skills and taking an interest in our country, even if it doesn’t agree with some readers. These young people are the future of our country and can’t do a worse job than has been done in the past 30 years.

  2. Oh I think the country needs to be taken back from people like Wanda. She writes as an enemy of the freedoms we enjoy in America. You anonymous writers sure are gutless.

  3. We must be aware of Wanda and others you disagree with and send their names to the CIA.

  4. I'll leave that up to you. I'll just chuckle.


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