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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tea Party Candidates Forum a Success

It lasted for 3.5 hours but in my view as a political junkie, it was just great.  American politics in action.  I salute all those men and women who put their ideas out there for the voters to scrutinize.  It was a good turnout at the Vets Building and the Tea Party folks did a fine job of organizing the forum.  They even had coffee!

I got to see and talk to quite a few of the candidates as well as the people I have come to know in the political activist groups.  Heck, I was sitting next to ex-Supervisors Peter Van Zant on my right and Melody Lane on my left.  We all go along fine.  Later Barry Pruett and RL Crabb sat down and we all listened to the candidates from District One Supervisor all the way to the candidates for the House of Representatives.

All did a good job of putting their ideas out, some were a little over the top, but hey, one fellow wants to put in a new version of the Narrow Gauge Railroad from here to Colfax!  You just gotta love it!

Regardless of your political philosophy, at least here in America we can wrench ourselves away from the TV and go listen to the people who want to go to Nevada City, Sacramento ad Washington DC and fix the messes.  Locally I think we are in pretty good shape but the people wanting to go to the Sacramento and DC playgrounds have quite a task ahead of them.  All candidates want to fix the debt, the  over-regulation and the tax system.  It was nice to hear people talking about stuff I was warning against 25 years ago!

But I digress. 

I like to thank Jeff Ackerman for MCing and the members of the press for asking the questions.  There was plenty of "red meat" answers that got the attendees excited enough to applaud a lot.  I have always been a fan of people the mainstream media call "populists".  I consider myself one of those populists and a Republican second.  I have a big streak of libertarian in me too but I learned long ago not to attack windmills.  The way to achieve success in politics is to gain 50% plus one to get anything done and that cannot happen with the splinter parties.

I relate philosophically and practically  to an avenue of success and it is through the Republican party I believe that success will come.  Having been in a severely regulated business, construction, most of my life, I related so well t the words of those on the platform railing against over-regulation.  I truly believe we have regulated ourselves into paralysis in America.  If we don't fix it soon we will be a larger version of Greece and that is not good.

So thanks again to the Tea Party Patriots.  Nancy Garcia and Rick Briggs and all the rest of the red t-shirts who put on the forum.


  1. Thanks for the report. Lots of qualified people to choose from. It was interesting enough that I did not start surfing on the internet with my smart phone. Well done Tea Party!


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