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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama backs down again!

Farm families all across America were lobbying hard to convince the Obama NLRB to butt out.  Looks like it worked.  HERE is the latest article.he withdraw of the dumbest regulatory proposal since, since, yesterday!

This is the best quote regarding the regulation and I could not agree more with the Senator.

"It's good the Labor Department rethought the ridiculous regulations it was going to stick on farmers and their families," said Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. "To even propose such regulations defies common sense, and shows a real lack of understanding as to how the family farm works."

 Last night at the Tea Party debate, Senator Doug LaMalfa, a farmer from the Oroville area, mentioned this during one of his answers to government over=regulation.  He mentioned how ridiculous this NLRB rule was and it received a brisk applause.  It appeared many folks knew about it!

This is the problem many of us at the grass roots level in government have pointed out as a major problem for many many years.  I have tried for a long time to convince the legislature to stop passing new laws with some open ended allowance to the bureaucracy to create the "all needed rules" provisions or at the discretion of the Secretary language.  I have said all the rules should be debated on and voted on by our representatives.  We know they don't though.  They pass their laws and wash their hands of the details.

Obamscare is the latest massive set of rules.  When Nancy Pelosi said that "we have to pass the thing so we can know what is in it" America finally got to hear the truth.  2700 plus pages to be interpreted by the bureaucracy.  2700 pages that will spawn a million pages of implementing rules thought up by unelected bureaucrats.  We need to change all that.  That is not democracy.

So, farm families will get a reprieve from the feds telling them they can't use their own family members in their own business.  What a concept.  But, we all know their will be many more attempts to implement some bureaucrats view of righteousness in the workplace or any place for that matter.  What cracks me up is over the years it has been the left telling everyone how they object to the "right" trying to interfere with the privacy and rights inside the home.  Mostly regarding sex and personal privacy.  But what is really happening is the left has been lying all along since they want to tell even the little old farmer what he can and can't do with his own kids.

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