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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tax debate to me is about POWER

Ever since I was a floor cleaning kid from midnight to six AM at a Ramada Inn in the early 70's I have been aware of the opiate of POWER.  It matter not if it is a hotel manager in the private sector, the regional boss over the manger or the local to federal bureaucrat or politician, the opiate of POWER is everywhere.  I am guessing this opiate has been around since the caveman.

I did my best to resist the opiate of POWER and kept myself grounded in the  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".  The "Golden Rule" has been tossed onto the dump heap over the years and the quest for POWER has become paramount to some people.  Those people are the politicians and their bureaucrats of the left.  The POWER has become irresistible and it is tearing apart the country and  many other areas on the planet.  In the USA, the "liberal", whether in politics or private business/life  (mainly trust babies in our county) want to gather POWER to run everyones lives.  They coalesce around the most efficient way to gain the POWER, they use the TAX system.

President Obama's strategy has boiled down to a TAX he calls the "Buffet Rule".  He has been campaigning around the country pounding the dais and complaining the "rich" in America are ot paying their "fair share" of the taxes.  He has a sycophantic press corps that dutifully spews out his message.  The press corps is so disinterested in the truth, they do no research on his words or facts, they simply have become his "stenographers".  This is truly a travesty in our country.  What is evident to me is Obama and his minions want to transfer to hard-earned money of the doers to the pockets of the takers.

It is not easy to make people do you bidding when they don't need you and Obama, the community organizer, has been on a quest to make as many people need him as he can muster.  The "Buffet Rule" is the latest.  From my perspective, I want the secretary he says he is so concerned about, get a TAX break!  Why should she be forced to pay more than Buffet!  Lower her burden, let her keep her hard earned dollars.  For goodness sakes, how is it Obama can keep a straight face when he tells us Buffet should pay more (capital gains) while he swipes the secretary's money?  Wouldn't it logically make more sense to allow the less well off to keep their own money?  Of course it would, but that would diminish the POWER government has over all of us.

POWER at all levels of government is about money.The more the government gets, the more rules they make and the more people they hire to enforce their rules and regulations.  Money is the key, gained through the taxes and fees we all pay.  In New York City I heard there are 11 taxes and fees on a cell phone bill.  The creativity of a politician and bureaucracy to get your money to attain POWER is limitless and shameless.  We on the right want to return the government to it true rightful place in our lives. Simply, that is "leave us alone".  We have no problem funding our enumerated powers but rescind the rest and let us live without your "police powers" in every aspect of our lives.

Obamacare is the biggest and latest example of the overreach past the enumerated powers of the Constitution.  However, every day at all levels of government we see this sickness of people trying to remove more of our money and spend it on POWER.  No spending cuts, just raise those taxes and fees.  That is the California solution.  We Americans cannot let the politicians and the liberals change the debate to "fairness".  The issue is who will decide how your money will be removed from you and where it will go.  The thirst for POWER by the people who think they are smarter than everyone else, those liberals mainly, needs to be staunched.  If the people of our country want to retain  individual rights and  power, then we must not allow the left to gain POWER in November.

We have allowed the left through tools like 'non-profits" to get our tax money and then work in partnership with the government to foist rules and laws on the rest of us. We need to have a moratorium on grants and loans for a while.  We need an audit of every single program, whether government or NGO (non government organization).  I wonder why they are called NGO's?  Maybe because they are truly a GO and the scam has been covered up?  So, America is at a crossroads.  Either stay the course and become Rome circa 500 A.D. or change the course, regain our fiscal sanity and be here for a thousand years.  November may be the true test of our resolve for sanity.

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