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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dennis Prager, Conservative Radio Host, nails what America is (liberals say "was") and the importance of beating Obama in November

A friend of mine sent this to me and I must say, every American needs to listen to this eight minutes.  If you think you know anything about why we as Americans are here, let Mr. Prager hone those reasons for you.  Stand up and cheer at the end of this clip, we won't tell anyone.


  1. I know this is probably the right forum to post this but I need help. My daughter is being, for lack of a better word, held hostage by a unreasonable liberal judge. She is ruling the court room like her own private kingdom where whatever she says goes no matter what the evidence or common sense deems. My daughter made a bad decision to Vegas with her boyfriend & had her baby there. She never intended to raise her child there.She came bk. to Tx.but was ordered bk. to NV. She left her job and family. She has no job in NV & lives with strangers 2 hearings & judge refuses to look at evidence for domestic violence or his criminal rec. or his inability to find full time work lawyer fees are killing us,our atty. is afraid of the judge so she is not being aggressive at all.Krystal is only 24 and is alone in Vegas.Home in Tx.she has a lucrative job free daycare family church, judge said she doesn't care.The is 14 months old too young to be shuffling around every week. Please help us fight this judges decision.The Dad has no ties to Vegas but does have ties in Tx. We are not wealthy, my husband is active duty USAF and I am a retired RN in school again.There is more to this story but it would take to long.Thank you and God bless,Bobbie Blair contact# 972-816-3059

  2. Bpbbi, I am in a little town on Northern California so I wouldn't be able to help. Go to the local Vegas BAR and file a complaint or to the state judge advocate there. Goos luck.


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