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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AP and its heartwrenching story of a dissed mass killer

Source: UK Telegraph
Seven people are murdered and two or three terribly wounded by a Korean born man who gained American citizenship.  AP, the voice of the murderers, wants us to feel sorry for the man. HERE is a article from the AP's daunting employees.  I would expect nothing less from them.

The reason these sob stories disgust me is because they focus on the killers, never the poor people they murder.  The mainstream media is telling us in their choice of who they desire to write about that it is the "system" that drove the murderer to do his dirty deed.  The system made him do it.  The system caused him to snap because someone or something else caused him to snap.  The system is the rest of America and its people and institutions, apparently unfair to the poor murderer.  It has to be explained why the system caused this fellow to go into a Christian School and kill the innocent folks there.

It seems this fellow may have took his cue from the mass killer at Virginia Tech five years ago.  The disgruntled nut killed 33 people!  The difference here is this killer did not blow his own brains out and that is just too bad.  Now we get to see and read all the "system"  and "those people picked on me" excuses for murdering innocent people.  The article did quote one father of a murdered young woman and that father, in his Christian way, said his daughter was in a better place.  The rest of the article is a excuse filled screed for the killer.  I am not interested in the killer.  I want people to read about the travesty of the killer's deed in taking these other people off the planet and the loss to human kind of their lives.  I want to know the details of their striving to become better and part o our society and the American dream.  This is the quote most telling about the victims from the father of the 24 years old woman Goh murdered,

"One of the slain was receptionist Katleen Ping, 24, who came to the U.S. from the Philippines in 2007 and leaves behind a 4-year-old son, said her father, Liberty Ping. He described his daughter as the rock of their family.

"We're just focusing on the positives," he said. "She's with the Lord. She's in a better place right now."

The killing of Trayvon Martin is also a media circus and a travesty to justice.  The man who pulled the trigger, a half Hispanic half Caucasian democrat (the New York Times called him a "white Hispanic") (the rest of the press says he may or may not be half Jewish) has been tried and convicted by the press and the race hustlers.  They decided to  make this a cause celebre to show how bad the system is and how terrible white people are regarding race relations with blacks (interestingly, Obama is half white and half black and calls himself black yet the press won't let Zimmerman call himself Hispanic).  Never mind the facts are not in yet, the race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus and black journalists have already indicted not only Zimmerman but all the white people and the "system".  I listened to the ridiculous statements by many of the race hustlers and it is a travesty they are exploiting this case for some advantage.  But, as long as the media, especially the mainstream media, keep writing stories from the view of the killers or the race hustlers, America will be in turmoil.

In the schools that teach these "journalists" there must be no sympathy taught for the truth.  When AP overlooks the truth we all are diminished.  When the media editorializes in the news articles we all lose.  The people deserve more from the media and we just are not getting it.  The shooting in Oakland should be about the victims not the shooter.  Let all the sympathetic stories be told at trial, the American people should know about the dreams and lives the murdered were living.

If you have any doubt about the AP bias for Obama, you know, if you just don't believe me, go HERE for the AP Presidents remarks when introducing Obama this week.  Amazing!  That is why the AP has become what we call the AP-Obama.

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