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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rush Limbaugh and his fans have the last laugh!

Free speech wins even though the liberals and the democrats tried to kill it over the last couple of weeks.  They tried to leverage Rush's inappropriate comments about the 30 year old law student, Sandra Fluke.  She is  the woman who wants the government to force the Jesuit Law School, Georgetown, to pay upwards of $3,000 for her contraceptives. HERE is the Politico article on the leftwing setback against free speech.

The article begins by stating that David Axelrod, President Obama's CEO for his election, has decided not to be a guest at Bill Maher's HBO show.  Seems the taint of scummy behavior Maher exhibits on a daily basis may have come back to bite him on his smart mouth ass.  I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that the left was trying to get Limbaugh booted from the airwaves while supporting Maher's right to call Sarah Palin and any other conservative woman, names you hear only in a liberal men's locker room.

The left did their best to tell us Maher was a comedian and his show was on HBO which you have to purchase so anything he said was OK.  Rush was on the radio, and those signals of AM were regulated by the FCC, the government, so he had to go.  My question and the question of most Americans about the lefts position was "there is no difference, right?  If you are a misogynist as Maher is, using humor to trash a conservative woman is still not acceptable and unlike Rush, Maher does it on a daily basis.  Rush was a one shot deal.  The left then tried to say Fluke was not a "public" figure like Palin or Malkin or Bachmann.  It has since been proved Fluke s an activist and well known in the "contraceptive rights" community.

All the left's attempts are failing.  Obama's numbers are plummeting, women are staring to desert him and the democrats are on the ropes as far as these polls are concerned today.  The American woman in general has forgiven Rush's transgression, a momentary slight at best.  They are not forgiving Maher and his $1,000,000 donation to Obama's super PAC.  The people see the absolute hypocrisy of all this and we have to thank FOX News and Drudge since none of this gets little reporting on the  lamestream media.  All is fair in love and war is the old saying.  It seems the American people, other than liberals and some hopeful democrats, forgot that applies to politics as well.  The saying that politics is war without the bloodshed applies here.

Even in today's Union Newspaper, a leftwingnut from North San Juan expressed his anger at KNCO and their decision to retain Limbaugh's three hour show.  The liberal was fibbing through his teeth about the whole scenario and had internal inconsistencies in his words of phony outrage that made me laugh out loud!  The left is shameless in their quest to shut up the people who oppose their socialist policies of control.  Rush gave them a small opening to try and convince Americans to shut him down and off.  The American people though said, NO.  If you don't like what Rush, or Savage or Larson say, use the little knob, the one that's says OFF.  Turn it, and viola!  Rush and any other conservative talker are gone.  Besides, I want to thank all these liberals who complained for being honest and stating they never listen to Rush anyway.  That is a truth the marketing directors appreciate.

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