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Monday, December 12, 2011

OWS-Sacramento to invade KFBK Radio on Ethan Way

Ah those liberals, they just don't understand business do they?  The nuts camping out on the grass of the California Capitol have announced a press conference at 10:30 am today to tell the world how unfair the Clear Channel Radio Network is.  The Clear Channel lineup is just chock full of corporations and GASP, conservative talk shows like Rush and Hannity!~  OMG!  The OWS want to inspect the listener compliant files.

We know the left can't make it on the radio because they are BORING and WHINY!  Air America lasted a couple of years but only because George Soros carried it and even he eventually gave up.  To FOX News credit, they seem t invite lefty radio hosts from some local shows to comment on their channel.  The left barely makes it in small local markets and that is usually because the generosity of some corporation is willing to take a monetary loss. 

HERE is the SacBee release.  KFBK better have the delouser's available to spray the place down.


  1. Todd,

    I read your blog regularly. Please take a look into the left leaning judges within Nevada County and the sentences they are giving admitted child molesters. In the last week, 2 different cases, 2 different judges both defendants had potential prison exposure hanging over their heads. In the first case Judge Heidelberger gave a defendant 1 year county jail with the option for alternative sentencing in 4 months in a case which had a top end of 6 years in state prison (People v. DeMatteis). The second case was even worse. The defendant had a potential exposure to 16 years in state prison and Judge Anderson gave him probation and credit for time served (People v. Byrnes). Both of these cases were long term abuse situations.

  2. Jeff Ackerman did a opinion piece today addressing your very concern.

    Thanks for reading the SDB.


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