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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Texas Redistricting to be heard by SCOTUS

Texas is certainly on the cutting edge when it comes to the issue of voting.  Ever since LBJ was successful in getting the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965, the state of Texas, LBJ's home state, has been in the news.  HERE is a article on the SCOTUS acceptance of the case in a report on AG Holder's appearance in Austin to warn Texans he will be watching them.

The issue is minority representation which is purportedly a requisite in the Voting Rights Act.  Holder and the democrats say the districts as drawn by the majority Republicans and the law they passed to require a voter ID are anti-minority and infringe on the minority community's rights.  Holder's position was to be enforced by a Federal three judge panel who then took it upon themselves to redraw the districts!  I am still looking in the US Constitution for their right to do this.  Anyway, the issue was appealed to the SCOTUS who decided to take it up.  It will be quite interesting to see how it will play out.

I think it is time to review and perhaps send the VRA to the dustbin.  It has morphed into something it was not intended as far as I can see.  Originally it was important to get poll taxes and educational levels removed from a persons right to vote and keep the vote as a right for all.  Now we see it as a way to keep Americans divided.  Why do we have to place a persons race or ethnicity into the mix to create a district?  This act alone ensures the "vbalkanisation" of the vote.  We see the proportionate representation as it is by the simple fact that many minorities live in urban settings and seem to me to be adequately res resented by that fact alone.  I don't see any push by the democrats to "balance" the rights or non-minorities in those districts.

America has become a fairer place in the voting booth because of the VRA and now it is accepted that voting is a franchise for all.  However, what many see as a simple requirement, a voter ID as a way to prevent fraud, others, democrats almost exclusively, see the ID as an impediment to the franchise.  I think Texas is on the right track with their requirements.  We want every American to be able to exercise their right to vote but we want to ensure they are Americans and that they get only ONE vote.  So a voter ID is not out of the question.

The upcoming review and possible decision by the SCOTUS could help set the process straight in redistricting.  California tried to make it more fair but our "non-partisan" Constitutional process was hijacked by the democrats and it appears the Republicans will be losing seats all up and down the tickets.  The AG Holder appears to have no interest in suing California to make the process fair does he?  Oh, that's right, the state is controlled by his ilk.  Silly me.

So now we wait and see what will happen.  I hope we toss the VRA and recognize that America is all about the fact we are all Americans.  The time has come to move into the future and away from the divisiveness of redistricting by race and ethnicity.

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