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Monday, March 28, 2011

More Environmental "Journalist's" Stupidty

I ran across a couple of typical stories of eco stupidity and terror in the Appeal-Democrat Newspaper of Yuba City.  I guess the papers do these filler stories but my guess is the Editors never read them.  How can such stupid conclusions be made by a supposedly educated person?  HERE is the first one on BIOMASS from a reporter in the Seattle Times. This is the key quote which convinced me the "journalist" had no clue.

"Such power produced from biomass tree trimmings, scrap lumber and other plant material - is a small but growing part of the nation's quest for renewable energy. The goal is to curb demand for imported oil by supplanting coal, natural gas and other fossil fuels and to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions blamed for altering the climate."

If I am reading this right, and anyone here can straighten me out if I am not, the reporter says the goal is to curb imports but then lists coal and natural gas etc., as part of the imports?  When I read this I was shocked.  How could we even trust anything these people write?  It was clear to me the fellow did not call SPI and ask them why their plant is not on line in Sierra County.  If he would have asked perhaps a clearer picture of the eco lunacy would have been included.  It also appears the biomass industry is dependent on tax credits and the eco community is actually unhappy with their construction.  So we have a myriad of dumb things happening here.  A industry taking taxpayers money to subsidize itself which if not subsidized would fold.  The eco APPLE types who preach less oil dependency don't like biomass much and seem to appeal all the projects.  A Forest Service that can't make up its mind to harvest trees and do brush removal to manage our assets correctly.  And a dumb "journalist" who doesn't seem to know his elbow from a hot rock.

The second story has to do with an AP story headlined as "Wind Speed increases over oceans".  Wow, did it gather my attention!  HERE is the article.  I guess I am never amazed at the attempts to tie every thing on the planet to the hoax of global warming caused by man.  The Australian "scientist" says the study has been going on for 23 years!  Wow!  Anyway, I thought you all would like to read another story of gloom an doom because there just haven't been enough of them lately, you know, Libya, Japan and the other stories have crowded out these attempts to scare everyone.  So please read the two articles and if you have not been aware of these things before now you get to see what all of us global waring deniers have been telling you for years.


  1. The Appeal Democrat is based in Marysville, not Yuba City.
    Main Office and postal address: 1530 Ellis Lake Drive, Marysville, CA 95901

  2. Jeff,

    You seem very knowledgeable. Help me out here. Is Marysville just west of Yuba City or is Yuba City just west of Marysville? I just keep getting those mixed up.


  3. "Bob,"
    It's sort of like mixing up Nevada City with Grass Valley.

  4. You are right Todd. Biomass does not pencil out without subsidies. I have seen the studies, and hopefully some day the technology will make it more affordable. There are some potential benefits such as fuels reduction and fire prevention, but it costs roughly 50% more than you can sell it for...bad business model for now.

  5. "Jeff,"

    I see, then when you don't live in one of those cities maybe you don't differentiate them that accurately? You are clearly an wise person. Thank you!


  6. The quote in the first link is precious

    Biomass supporters dismiss that contention, noting wood emits the same amount of carbon whether it's burned or left to decay in the forest. The net change in atmospheric carbon dioxide, they say, is zero.

    The display of ignorance is exceptional.


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