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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jeff Ackerman's Column, right on the mark!

It is so refreshing to read common sense in this land of political correctness.  Having known Mr. Ackerman since 1984 or so, I can tell you all, the man has common sense.  Well, except about motorcycles maybe.  HERE is his latest article on a topic many of us on the right, we freedom loving folks, agree wholeheartedly with.  California is not very free and there is a study to prove it.

The study was done by Mercatus Center at George Mason University.

California was once the place people fled to because the reputation of the state was of a place you could spread your wings and be free to do what you want to do, of course without hurting others.  Over the years though, the democrats, those lovers of "progressive" thought and actions, gained the majority and have held it at the legislative level here for most of my life and I am 61!  They churn out thousands of laws every session and when you add them up, for every one they pass, you must deduct a bit of freedom from the ledger.  Those liberals in charge who as Ackerman stated, want and do regulate "transfat" are on the other hand wanting marijuana to be unregulated!  It is all in who has the power to implement the harebrained ideas.

On the front page of our Union today was the story of the "toy run" put together by Thom Staser.  Thom and I were classmates in school and if there was a freedom loving fellow around here it is Thom.  I even got to ride in the "toy run" as a Assembly candidate in the beginning of the run.  Thom and I held the same opinion on motorcycle helmets and we could not believe that Pete Wilson, Governor and Republican, would sign that into law.  Well he did and we got a preview of how the laws diminishing personal freedom get passed.

The left and some misguided on the right, use the "benefit" and "impact" of a persons action or activity to justify the "police power" of the state.  In the helmet issue, the left used the idea that people on a motorcycle who then had an accident and say, injured their heads, would become a burden on the general taxpayer for medical help.  This was how they did it!  It worked to goad people into voting it into law. Of course this strategy was used for smoking and "second hand" smoking so the left had a baseline strategy for any new law diminishing personal freedom.

Well, when one looks at laws it is without a doubt one person, or a group of peoples, desire to control others. When I was a county Supervisor  I used to tell people who wanted me to pass laws to punish their neighbor that, remember, if we do pass it, your neighbor can then do to you what you are wanting to do to them.  It turns out when you are a elected official at the local level most of your time is mediating disputes between a government official and a constituent.  No matter how many words are written in a law, there is always someone who can dispute its intent and implementation.  I had to help folks all the time and I must say that was my most important job as a Supervisor.  A balanced budget was second, but we always had one.

So Ackerman has once again riled the liberal of our area with his talk of personal freedom and less interference in our lives.  The left, a bunch of schizophrenics as far as I can tell need to take their daily meds for "hypocrisy" fits.  Most people in California are unaware of all these laws going into affect on January 1 every year or session.  We rely on the press to tell us.  I would like to see every law have a sunset clause so when it is not working it just goes away.  But, we know that won't happen when the left has the reins.

So as Mr. Ackerman has mentioned, when you get out of bed in the morning you are probably going to break some laws and you won't even know it.  Along with the courts passing judgements on us too, we Californians don't have a chance.


  1. Ackerman is irrelevant. With his constant whining and moaning, people have tuned him out and moved on with our lives. Lots of other local and national media. As always, you are free to leave CA.

  2. You atr sooo funny! Ackerman is a very important person and runs a very important business and does it well. Tell us PeterK, what are you accomplishments so we might be enlightened on your place in our county? You are certainly able to go elsewhere too.

  3. Kudos, Tod, for an excellent blog entry. This is, perhaps, your finest effort to date.

    I disagree with your response to Pete, however. Lists of accomplishments should not be required in order to express an opinion.

    The problem I have with Pete's response is that he chooses to criticize the messenger rather than the message. I am far more interested in Pete's opinion of a legislature that passes more than 700 laws per year and the validity of those laws than his opinion of Jeff Ackerman and The Union.

  4. Thanks for the input MK. The reason I asked for a list of accomplishments from PeterK is he seems to always be bashing the folks that actually make the community work without us knowing if he is a hypocrite. It is my experience that people like PreterK don't help make the community stronger they just have grudges against the "makers" who do the work.

  5. Todd, you must be really coming up in the world to be honored by a Mike Kesti post. A humbling experience.

    Todd, there are no grudges against a general class of people of wealth. There are many makers on all sides of the political spectrum. Its just a matter of American fairness and Patriotism when times are tough- everyone chips in to help the fellow Americans who are hurting. As in the War effort in the 40s after Pearl Harbor. Everyone helps out- those with more means to help chip in a little more.

  6. Certainly true. What is your personal input in to the help column?

  7. Hey, glad you asked Tood! Willing and ready to bear a higher tax rate in CA and nationally to help our govt. fiscal problems, even if I do make much less than 500K. Then of course, the 3 or 4 charities and non-profits I've been giving money to for several years. Come on now Todd, what ya going to do- move to Belize if we raise your taxes a few percent?

  8. I agree with Pete. The Union is irrelevant. It was THE paper when I moved here a few years ago. But, our world has changed. The internet and all the alternative news (MSM has also become irrelevant) is exciting, stimulating and interactive. Fun. The Union can't allow comments anymore because the community has a strange sociopolitical disfunction, and the newspaper leans to the right while the county's color is changing to blue. The Union used this split to bate the community with the Editors columns. People got tired of it and bailed on the rag. I don't know anyone that takes the paper or reads it.

    EJ Dimera

  9. The Union is now irrelevant because they don't tow the liberal line? Come on, The Union is a local paper and is as relevant as the stories they publish. Furthermore, folks like Pete and EJ talking about relevance in this community is completely hilarious. I know Michael Kesti...Pete you are no Michael Kesti.

    The problem with most liberals is that they are a.) intellectually dishonest and b.) have their filter bubble willful closing out other opinion to the point that they erroneously believe that most people think the way they do...when in fact they are the true fringe in this nation. Most folks have nuanced opinions and reject the absolutism and dogma of liberals.


  10. Woodsy, I find it interesting that liberals who are irrelevant think they can convince anyone else that our community leaders or businesses are irrelevant. As you can see, Dimera is a phony name and PeterK won't answer any questions about his importance in our community. Trolls only.

  11. So Todd isn't Woodsy a phony name too. Get the hypocrisy?
    And I know Kesti too Woodsy and you are no Michael Kesti either.

  12. I know Woodsy personally and this is my blog. You are not even a Yosemite Sam.

  13. OK, so who in the the hell is Michaeal J. Kesti? LOL. Never heard of him in the community until the right wing boards appeared.

  14. He does sounds like the kind of kid that got beat up in HS alot.

  15. What did Bill Gates say to that HS class? Oh yeah, please be nice to the nerds they may be your boss someday.

    Mr. Kesti is a success, how abot you PeterK, what do you do to help the poor or the community?

  16. Dan Logue quoted that study too. I actually went and read the study back when Logue wrote a perfectly poisonous piece about the lack of freedom in California. The criteria to determine "freedom" was 1. lack of environmental laws 2. the ease of homeschooling and 3. lack of gun laws. From these criteria, it is obvious that Somalia is the country with the most liberty in the world.

    In addition, the Mercatus Center of George Mason University is funded by those irascible Koch Brothers, who have pumped millions of dollars into the Mercatus Center in order to put out such bizarre and wholly stupid studies such as the one cited here. This whole thing is a load of crap. Funding propaganda is a Koch brothers forte'--however, sometimes this backfires on you such as their fundinig of the Berkely scientist who determined that global warming is occuring and that it is caused by humans. Oops!

    Allan Stellar

  17. AllanS, you are a denier and we hold great sympathy for you and your ilk who have been bamboozled by the "grant seekers" of climate hoax. The Koch bothers are great Americans unlike your hero George Soros who funds all the leftwingnuts across the land. We who have exposed the lefts hoax on "global warming" have taken your slings and arrows and we have prevailed because we have truth and facts on our side. You have lies and emotion and people know a liberal is unable to tell the truth. If you want to read the truth about "climate change" go to Russ Steel's blog and learn the truth.

  18. Todd,

    That's such a load of crap to state that this whole AGW thing is a conspiracy because of the need for grant money. Who, really, has the most at stake when it comes to this science to fund deniers? Carbon Companies (the wealthiest the world has ever known?) or James Hansen? Liberals can tell the truth; they already are.

    The result of the climate debate will be known as the years go on. The data keeps accumulating (Russ Steel is quite wrong). Twenty years from now, we will not be having this debate. You will be apologizing to your grandkids.



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