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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gingrich's baggage by Thomas Sowell, no big deal, I agree

Every once in a while I check out the musings of Thomas Sowell since his perspective as a conservative black man is usually overlooked by the lamestream media.  He is a person who garners respect because he truly has overcome a lot of negativity to be a success.  Of course he is attacked as a "uncle tom" and called other derogatory names by the liberal establishment and by other leftwing blacks but he is undeterred.  He and Walter Williams are true American literary heroes in my book.

Sowell has written a short ditty about the angst some on the right have about the "baggage" of Newt and he makes the case that perhaps it is not that important, or that is should not disqualify Newt from being a American leader.  I agree.

HERE is the article by Sowell.

The points in the srticle are relevant to me since I was raised as a "judge not as lest  yee may be judged" person.  I try to live that way but like everyone else, I do fail from time to time.  In politics we give every candidate a thorough exam for every little flea bite and because no one is perfectr, there is always some dirt.  The only person this has not been done too however, you know, the current occupant of the Presidency, Barack Hussein Obama, and we are still waiting to get someone from his past to let us know he actually existed in high school and college.  We have yet to see his educational records or any interview with a classmate or friend or girlfriend!

Anyway, if you are a liberal the lamestream media shakes off any past baggage as nothing much.  This is because the bar of expectations for a liberal is so low.  Anything goes they say and since their personal standards are anything goes then how do you hold them to any level of personal hypocrisy?  The lamestream treats a Conservative totally different and salivates at every press conference to expose the hypocrisy of a conservative.  A liberal can be married many times yet never catch the wrath of a reporter like a conservative who has been married a number of times.  We see this double standard every day.

People are imperfect but if the standards are that you must be perfect in your personal life in order to represent the folks, we will be leaderless.  Obama has apparently been married once yet he is a terrible leader.  In fact he is not a leader in the true sense of the word.  He votes "present" most of the time and stirs up class warfare in every speech.  Yet he is somehow more "pure" in the eyes of the press?

Gingrich is far from perfect as are many of the other folks running for office.   For me a bit of an edge in a person makes him/her a mush better leader.  I look back on the personal detractions the lamestream media foisted on Sarah Palin for instance.  She was married once, had great kids and was mostly the "pure" socially personal candidate.  Yet the media trashed her and her family because she was so "pure" in a personal sense. 

Why was that?  Because no matter if you are pure or not the lamestream media hates conservatives.  So they savage anyone from the right.  Sarah for being pure and Newt, or Bachmann or Perry for not being pure.  That is why I don't care what the media says about a persons flaws as long as they are not crooks of course.  Sowell makes the case that Newt has flaws yet has shown in a governance stance to be a smart, erudite leader who actually accomplished a lot of things.  Sure he has his detractors but who doesn't?  Heck, don't we all have people in our own families we don't like?  That just means sometimes we don't like someone because we know them in ways other than the public knows them. 

I have yet to decide who I am going to support for my party's nomination but  I have to say this.  I love the process we have put together in America!  We get to listen to every little thing each of those vying for our votes believes.  We see and hear the "vetting" of all of them (except BHO) and it makes our process so interesting and exciting.  So Newt has flaws, big deal, so do I and as long as I can look at myself in the mirror every morning and be humble about who I am I am not going to disqualify Newt from being a possible leader for me.


  1. Just so I'm clear Todd: I'd vote for a small farm animal before Obama and I agree that Newt is an exponential step up from Obama, I'm just concerned about Newt's government-centric models.

    With that, I do enjoy his perspectives as many times they go way outside normal/standard talking points.


  2. Here's another total gem from my feed:


  3. Thanks Woodsy, good to see you yesterday and I really enjoy our political discourse. Thanks for the links.


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