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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nevada County Liberal Hypocrites Exposed. Coming Soon!

I will be posting some public documents from the Recorders Office soon.  Stay tuned.


  1. Cool.
    Let's do this.
    You show yours, and I'll gladly reciprocate...
    I'm not some soft 'lefty', 'liberal' or other, but I still wouldn't stoop to this unless you opened the door... (I know you have a family, and actually fear your fragile ego cannot handle the reality check).
    The mere fact you're bluffing about crossing this line proves what a pathetic, deadbeat, loser we all know you to be.
    As for Frisch and Enos, et al... I don't know them, but I can assure them there's not much to fear in contrast.


    Mario Guanero

  2. You have chosen a sock puppet name which means "guano". You know what that is and you are sily full of it. I know who you really are anyway. It is interesting you picked the two Steve's to mention here though.

    Regarding my family, you libs usually threaten little children because you are the supreme cowards of the land. You are a phony little twerp who is sitting in his dirty PJ's in front of a computer screen who picks his nose and eats it. What a hoot!

  3. Typical Leftist. Threaten someones family in a backhanded way,and then hide behind a fictitious name. Cowardly Liberal fits the bill.

  4. Mario, you seem awfully defensive.

    Why does revealing hypocrisy threaten YOU?

    If Mr. Juvinall is seeking to re-publish info from the County Recorder's office---by definition, this information would be a matter of public record.

    --John Galt

  5. That is the Mario Buano style. He/she attacked me on other forums too. Just a leftwing twerp, probably a fat boy.

  6. Not to worry though, there will be some fur flying when the hypocrites are exposed soon.

  7. Just to keep track of the sequence.

    After Todd comments on his perception of liberals in general, Frisch attacks Todd personally with accusations of financial impropriety.

    Frisch continues to assail Todd with unsupported misinterpretations of fact.

    Todd becomes tired of Frisch's BS and threatens to retaliate with public documents for everyone's personal interpretations.

    Frisch and or his fellow liberal cronies attempt to deflect commensurate discredit by threatening Todd's family.

    Are we all up to speed on this?

  8. For the record, I have no problem with information that is a matter of public record being re-published here. I have never sought to hide any information that is a matter of public record. Nor do I feel the least bit threatened by it.

    I suspect that I will have a problem with the accuracy of the editorializing that goes along with it, if the past is any indicator of the future.

    I would caution the participants here that the politics of personal destruction that have consistently escalated on the blogosphere in Nevada county the last several years merely diminishes the participants standing and influence in the community.

    Steve Frisch

  9. I'm shivering in my boots Steve with that "caution". But let us know when SBC is TRUELY "non-profit". That includes you.
    Anyone "running" a non profit should take nothing more than minimum wage from those "donations".But lucky for you that the law isn't written that way.

  10. Steve,

    If you don't have any problem with this and aren't threatened by it than maybe you and your buddies might want to refrain from threatening Todd's family.

    Just so you don't expel too much energy attempting to back pedal. It is not possible to evaluate any nonfactual editorializing as ether accurate or not. Any fool can attempt to critique the accuracy of any document he likes.

    I consider you to be referring to yourself when commenting on politics of personal destruction as well as diminished standing and influence in the community.

    Mercedes de la Garza,
    Janice Forbes,
    Dennis Meyer,
    Richard Morrison,
    Steve Noll,
    Allan Pietrasanta,
    John Singlaub,
    Ron Slaven,

    Are you watching this?


    What the hell are you all talking about?

    I commented that I would not proactively stoop to such destructive personal attacks due to a concern FOR his family (and his personal health, based upon upon the fact he's clearly already unhinged).

    You HAVE nothing. Never did. The ideology perpetuated on blogs such as this has lead to where we are as a society, and your 'timeline' of events conveniently lacks perspective happenings. Todd is all over the boards (as W&J, etc.) with the personal attacks, and when the table is turned, as was done earlier with the county records post here, he is attempting deflection.
    Absolutely pitiful.
    Moral here: Just shut the hell up if you can't handle the truth.

    Mario Guanero

  12. Isn't it interesting that the Frisch rears up and claims he is the liberal hypocrite. Now why would he do that? I have decided that when someone threatens my family the gloves come off. I have also consulted an attorney friend about this and I would say the "guano" guy and his ilk are in deep doo do. They are the one's who should be nervous.

    BW, thanks for the synopsis. It appears the Frisch forgets the thousand of insults he throws at me and the other conservatives. Is that a state of dnial on his part?

    Walt, yes, a "non-orfit" that pays a 100 g's plus bennies to its CEO is not a good role model in my view too.

  13. BTW, I do want to thank the Frisch for posting his search results of me from the recorder's website. It has opened up a world of information I did not think about before. So, thanks.

    More to come!

  14. Hey Bat Poop, You are the one that has nothing. This is obvious to all and reinforced by your own reactions. Now you are threatening Todd's personal health.

    It's Christmas, you would do yourself a favor and pray for Todd's health!

    I have commented before on the smell of FUE and here I have mentioned the same stench.

  15. "I still wouldn't stoop to this unless you opened the door..."

    See that word "UNLESS" ? OK Dick Cabeza, (AKA) Mario Guanero,, What do you suppose that means?
    In your context,, that IS a threat in anyone's book.

  16. It's Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

    So Merry Christmas to you and yours.


  17. This a little off topic, but it's vary noteworthy.
    This is NOT good news for our die hard Leftists.
    First they lost the ratings war for cable news,
    ( yes, FOX has cleaned out the hen house, but we already knew that.)
    NOW Internet news and Lefty blogs are the new decliners. And not by small margins.

    What will be fun to watch is how our local Progressives handle the bad news.

    This keeps getting better and better.


  19. Wakt, I like this snippet from the article.

    "But Politico’s traffic losses appear to be part of a year-long trend on the political left. Media Matters For America’s website, for instance, lost 56.83 percent of its unique visitors between November 2010 and November 2011. In the same 12-month period, Talking Points Memo lost 41 percent, Wonkette was down by 32 percent, Gawker declined by 31 percent, Salon decreased by 22 percent and progressive blog Daily Kos shed 18 percent of its unique visitors."

    The people are rejecting the liberals left and left!

  20. I hope you get a new pair of glasses for Christmas.LOL my friend.."Wakt"?? Yes, digital dyslexia affects us all.

    I thought you would like that article. I really like the DC web site. They come up with things that take days to hit the "big boys".

    They have given E.Holder a lot of grief, exposed government corruption that have cost a few guilty gov. workers their jobs.

  21. I have some good stuff Walt on these liberal slime buckets. Coming soon!

  22. What is going on here? I am a little late to this game. me and get me up to speed please. Merry Christmas!

  23. Barry, it's another case of Todd falling off the roof (and hitting his head) while trying to be Saint Nicholas.

    Merry Christmas!

    Steve Wynn

  24. Some good stuff is coming soon! Sock puppets beware.


Real name thank you.