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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The real OCUPPIERS remembered

A news article came up today about a man who self immolated in Tiananmem Square in Beijing, China as a protest still unknown.  When I read the story HERE, it referenced the June 1989 "occupation" of Tiananmem Square by Chinese students for about seven weeks.  They were there to request/demand, FREEDOM!  We all know what happened as the communists in charge of their country sent in the tanks.  The man in front of the tanks has never been seen since. Thousands of people were killed/murdered bu the commies. Those lefties always murder don't they?

Here in America the "Occupy Wall Street" people are protesting for what?  A better I-Phone paid for by mom and dad?  A guaranteed job or college degree?  A better rate on their credit cards?  The juxtaposition is amazing to me.  The man was truly brave, it still brings tears to my eyes that a single, simple man, one of a billion people, could be so brave and risk it all.  The OWS is risking nothing since they already have what that Chinese man wanted.  I have little respect for the OWS and now it appears the rest of America feels the way I do.  When one of these OWS scofflaws craps on a police car as his personal protest against the "system" he made the ultimate statement of absurdity by these OWS folks.

So remember the man in the video, please watch the whole video to get the flavor of the sacrifice of those people in China and then envision the squalid camps set up by the spoiled brats here in America.

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