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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Massive walkout planned by public sector unions in the UK

HERE is why I have never believed public sector unions were a good thing. I my opinion, we are going to see this in the UK then it will be coming to a state and local jurisdiction near you.  I know, I know, the individual members of a union are our friends and neighbors and I have nothing against them of course.  But, when banded together and run by the "Jinny Hoffa" types, all bets are off.  The public sector unions have a huge advantage in our political system and they have mastered its effectiveness, par excellence!

The issue in the UK is the pension. It is the same here in the USA.  The British have come to realize there is not enough money to back up all the promises made by the weak kneed politicians and the, you know what, is now hitting the fan.  The unions have the greatest scam ever seen in politics.  They negotiate for money and benefits, the members pay dues, the union takes some of that and then bundles it and uses it to contribute to politicians who support more money and benefits.  What a transparent scam!  Of course, all of their money laundering is being exposed and some States Governors are fighting back.

The problem is going to get much worse.  There will be a huge upheaval in America because the unions have become very powerful.  Even though the private sector is only about 7% unionized, it is much larger in government.  In government the employee has also got civil service protection and that is why I think we need to ban the unions.  We have one government and it is truly a monopoly.  You cannot go to a different police department, a planning agency or a welfare secretary.  They are a true monopoly and we have no choice.  We should expect our employees to be on the job or get fired.  But we can't fire them!  We have put in place rules which makes it almost impossible to remove a incompetent or scofflaw public servants.  In the private sector this is much different.

So we are going to get to watch the British deal with what they have wrought over the decades.  After they booted Winston Churchill after he led them to victory in WW2 and replaced him with a socialist government, we all knew sooner or later they would be faced with this mess.  Entitlements make people go crazy when they are threatened to be cut or canceled.  With Greece and now Italy wracked with problems created by their entitlement policies, Britain will be next.  Not long after that, we will have it here and it will be a tumultuous time.  Our "chickens" are coming home to roost and the coop is filthy.

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  1. My love for public sector unions is well-known. Let's keep an eye on these turkeys in Great Britain, they may be a harbinger for our own goons trying to put some direction into the occupiers.


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